The following is the latest Project videos from Wagner’s TechTalk.  These are projects that were not created/designed by Wagner’s TechTalk but assembled and demonstrated by us.  If you’re interested in our Inventions, please see this page.

Building a single-panel JUMBOTRON using HACKERBOXES 0036

This month’s Hackerbox #0036 I found very interesting. In the box was a single RGB LED Matrix with 64×32 pixels! It’s one of the panels that is used for making those massive retro arcade classics that you see at Dave & Busters, Stars and Strikes, etc. I’ve always wanted to see what these panels look like and work with one, Hackerbox delivered! Let’s check it out!


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  • You will find this box guide here
  • TP 4056 Like the one I used here
  • Driver for the ESP32 here