Wagner’s ARCADE!

We love working on classic Arcade Games, building cabinets, trying the latest Retro-Gaming Handheld devices and tinkering with RetroPie.  There are a number of videos below on the above topics.  Have fun at the Arcade!

Table of Contents

Super Console X Retro Gaming Console: Unboxing, Game Play + Review

In this video we’ll check out the Super Console X. This Retro Gaming console includes x2 wireless controllers, a 4 port USB hub and a microSD packed with over 41k games pre-installed. Let’s check it out!

Anbernic RG351V – Unboxing, Game Play & Review

The RG351V Retro Game (RG) handheld has built-in WiFi and comes in 3 variants including gray, transparent black and wood grain! This vertically oriented Anbernic device sports the familiar RK3326 CPU but with a 640×480 display (4:3), check it out in the video below! For more RG351V coverage, please visit the RG351 page here.

Video: Anbernic RG351V – Unboxing, Game Play & Review

Asteroids X Replicade by New Wave Toys – Unboxing, Game Play & Review

Today we’ll take a look at the 1:6th scale Asteroids X Replicade Arcade by New Wave Toys. This unit is currently showing “Sold Out” on the New Wave Toys website, but you might be able to find one elsewhere.

Asteroids X Replicade by New Wave Toys

Tempest X Replicade & USB Charge Machine: New Wave Toys Mini Arcade Review

In this video, we’ll take a look at the 1:6th scale Tempest X Replicade Arcade and the USB Charge Machine by New Wave Toys (resembles a “change” machine). Both of these products are getting more difficult to find and shows as sold out on the newwavetoys.com website. However, I was able to locate a Tempest at sideshow.com for this review. More Charge Machines, are coming on New Wave Toys website and perhaps Amazon.

Tempest X Replicade and Charge Machine by New Wave Toys

Dragon’s Lair X Replicade: Unboxing, Game-play, HDMI Output & Review!

Replicade amusement has released the Dragon’s Lair X Replicade! This awesome 1:6th scale Dragon’s Lair Arcade machine looks and plays like the original game from 1983. Not only that, it includes some unexpected features such as a replica mini-LaserDisc & player, secondary scoreboard, Daphne Kickplate decal and illuminated Marquee/coin slots!

Dragon’s Lair X Replicade (distributed by New Wave Toys)

Arcade Game Station 3188 in 1: Unboxing, Setup, Game Play & Review

In this video we will take a look at the Arcade Console Integrated 3188 in 1 Arcade Game Station. This unit will allow 2-Player Arcade gaming and allow connecting it to your HDMI TV very easily. I’ll demonstrate the pros and the cons of this unit to help you determine if it’s right for you.

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The Retroid Pocket 2: Quick and Easy Getting-Started Guide

Today, we will take a look at the newly released Retroid Pocket 2. We’ll unbox, set it up and of course try a few games/systems! At the end, I’ll let you know my thoughts on the unit. Check out the Retroid Pocket 2 page for more.

Batocera Install on a PC – Recycle your old PC / Laptop into a Retro-Gaming Beast

In this video, we’ll setup the Batocera on a laptop that is 14 years old! That’s right, it was released in 2006 and can play many emulators and some may surprise you! Time to dust-off those old laptops and put them to use with some Retro Gaming fun!

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Powkiddy A12 Review and How-to Quickly generate your own Game List

Here, we are going to check out the Powkiddy A12. Not only that, we are going to make it better! The only issue I had with this unit was that the game-list is all in Chinese. However, in this video I’ll show you how to create your own custom game list from your own games, with artwork using a PC or a Raspberry Pi 4. Best of all, game list generation is quick and easy. Check out the Powkiddy A12 Tips page here.

RK2020 Retro Portable Handheld – Play Dreamcast, PSP, N64 and more!

Today, we will take a look at the RK2020 which is a portable handheld that allows you to play Nintendo 64, Play Station Portable and Dreamcast games. Let’s check it out.

RetroPie 4.6 is Out: 10 TIPs in 20 minutes for your Raspberry Pi 4 – many applicable for Pi 2/3/3b+

In this video, we’ll go through 10 RetroPie / Raspberry Pi 4 tips (+1 bonus) on how to improve your experience with RetroPie. This includes several tips from adding favorites, adding/changing themes, making an image backup, using RetroPie Web manager and so much more!

RG350 / RG350M HDMI Output Setup Instructions with Game-Play

In this video, we’ll install a new update which allows HDMI Output to your large screen TV or monitor! At this time, the update is in public beta and you may encounter some minor audio issues. Please visit the RG-350 HDMI Output section on the RG350 tips page for my latest instructions and notes regarding this update.

How To: Open Package Creator to customize OPK files for use with your RG350 or Pocket Go v2

In this video, we’ll simplify the installation of the TI-99Sim (Emulator) such that a simply .OPK is all that is needed to run the emulator on your RG-350 or Pocket Go v2. Using Open Package Creator (by Harteex), you could easily customize your icons, add additional games and many other uses. Special thanks to Johnathan K. and David L. for sending their tips which prompted this video!

You can find more information here!

RG350 Flat Stick, Button and Frame Screen Mod by Sakura Retro Modding + brief game-play demo

In this video, I ordered the Sakura Retro Modding kit and will show you how I put it together. Then a little game-play and what I think about the kit. If you’ve ever tried to put your RG-350 in your pocket, you’ll soon realize the sticks could get broken somewhat easily. While the plastics are sturdy, wouldn’t it be better if they didn’t protrude as much? If you agree, this is an option you might be interested in.

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Flat Stick, Button and Frame mod

Setup the Daphne Emulator on your RG350 or Pocket Go 2 – Play Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace!

In this video, I’ll show you how to setup the Daphne emulator on your RG-350 and Pocket Go 2 to play classic Laser Disk games such as Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace!

Check out the Tips Page for more

Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace on your handheld!

RG350 Dual Stick Arcade Game play: Robotron 2084, Karate Champ & many more +How to Set it up! RG-350

In this video, we will setup the RG-350 to allow dual-stick game-play for games like Robotron 2084, Karate Champ and others. We’ll go through how to set it up, a brief gameplay and we’ll even take it with us to Rocket City Arcade and meet Ben and see what he thinks of the RG-350. Ben has never used an RG-350 before this video and Robotron is his favorite game! Found this out while he was showing me around the Arcade. If you live in or are visiting the Huntsville, AL area – Definitely check out Rocket City Arcade!

Let’s play some Robotron on the RG-350 with BOTH sticks

Will a 256GB or 512GB microSD work for games on the RG-350 or Pocket Go v2? LET’S FIND OUT!

I’ve been asked if the RG-350 or the Pocket Go version 2 support larger capacity microSD cards. My honest answer up to this point was, I’m not sure. Well, in this video we’ll bring them to the test to see if a 256GB or a massive 512GB will work for your games on both. In all these tests, we used the existing (base) firmware that shipped with each unit and used the secondary (or storage) microSD only for these tests.

Links to the microSD cards used in this video

Tips pages for RG-350 & Pocket Go v2

256GB & 512GB microSD Test on RG-350 and Pocket Go v2

*NOTE – Use caution with the following tool, always tipple-check that the drive you’re formatting is indeed the one you want formatted. Once formatted, it will ERASE all data on the selected drive. That said, this is the download link to the free tool used in this video: FAT32 Formatting tool (for Windows and they do accept donations).

Pocket Go Version 2 Review and Game play: Demonstration of GB, FBA, Sega, NES, SNES, MAME and more!

In this video, we’ll take a look at the all new Pocket Go Version 2! We’ll go over the specifications, un box, game play and identify a few issues so you can decide if they are important to you, or not.

Check out our Pocket Go Version 2 Tips page!

Mini Arcades: Data East Classics and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball

In this video we’ll take a look at the My Arcade Data East Classics mini Retro Arcade and the Super Impulse Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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RG-350 Quake II Multiplayer co-op Demonstration by MashTec and WTT: WiFi adapter connected to RG350

In this video, WTT teams up with MashTec to show you Quake 2 Multiplayer playing on the RG-350 using a WiFi adapter! MashTec has released a number of great videos in recent months regarding how to setup the RG-350 with a WiFi adapter, Emulation Station, RetroArch and much more. It was a pleasure playing Quake II in this video with him and we hope you enjoy it!

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RG-350 running the Commodore 64 (Vice), ZX Spectrum (Speccy) and Atari Lynx (Handy 320) Emulators

In this video, I’ll show you how to get more out of your RG-350! We’ll start off by visiting wagnerstechtalk.com (the tips page), download emulators for the Commodore (Vice), ZX Spectrum (Unreal Speccy) and Atari Lynx (Handy 320). Then we’ll set them up using the stock firmware and tour a few games.

Helpful Links

  • All our RG-350 tips may be found here

10 RG-350 TIPs to make your RG350 more enjoyable, including: 2-player Atari 2600 + Video Player

In this video, we’ll cover 10 important TIPs that will make using your RG-350 even more enjoyable. It includes how to convert&play videos on the RG350, playing 2-players using the Stella emulator and several more!

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Ragebee 500-in-1: 3″ display, 2Player Controller for $15 (USD) – Unbox, Gameplay & Review (GearBest)

In this video, we’ll take a look at the Ragebee 500-in-1 2 player Handheld Game Console which includes an external Gamepad! The video includes the unboxing, gameplay and review of the Ragebee so that you can determine if it’s a good fit for you or as a gift.

Purchase Link – ~$15 USD from GearBest (ships from China)

RG350 Easy Game/Emulator/File Copy to & from the RG350: *NO Drivers OR Software to install (Windows)

In this video, I’ll show you an easy way to setup a shortcut on your PC which will allow you to access the internal (firmware) microSD as well as the external microSD. Using this method, it’s no longer necessary to remove the external microSD, copy the files and use DinguxCmdr to copy files between the internal/external microSD!

RG350: Tips and Tricks – This is a work-in Progress, there will be grammatical and other errors 🙂

AMIGA on the RG350! How to setup UAE4ALL Emulator, Tips, Accessories +Gameplay of AMIGA classics

In this video I’ll show you how to setup the AMIGA emulator (UAE4ALL) on the RG350 using the core firmware (non-upgraded). We’ll step through the installation of the needed files, start up Amiga Workbench and then play some classic AMIGA Games!

RG350: Tips and Tricks – This is a work-in Progress, there will be grammatical and other errors 🙂

RG350 Adding Emulators, Cool Accessories and GamePlay on the Atari 2600, Intellivision & TI-99!

In this video, I’ll show you how to get more out of your RG350! We’ll start off by visting wagnerstechtalk.com, download emulators for the Atari 2600 (Stella), Intellivision and TI-99. Then we’ll set them up on the stock firmware and tour a few games. Next, we’ll check out a few accessories you might enjoy!

RG350: Tips and Tricks – This is a work-in Progress, there will be grammatical and other errors 🙂

Retro Game 350 (RG350): Unboxing, Gameplay +Review/Tips – Demo of PS1, MAME(ARCADE), NES, SNES & FBA

In this video we’ll Un-Box, Review and play games on the Retro Game 350 (RG 350). We’ll also show several systems and games being played on a number of the included emulators including: NEOGEO, PS1, MAME4All, NES, SNES, FBA and more. Also included is a FREE Download that you’ll want for your RG350 (or other handheld)!

RG350: Tips and Tricks – This is a work-in Progress, there will be grammatical and other errors 🙂

Links from Video

WTT Review of the RG350

Arcade1UP Star Wars Cabinet: Parody, Unboxing, Assembly, GamePlay and Review!

In this video, we did things a little differently and hope you truly enjoy it. We added a little Star Wars skit at the beginning before unboxing, assembling and reviewing the new Star Wars Arcade1UP Arcade!

Check out our Review Page for more details!

Star Wars Arcade1UP Review

Retro Game 300: The FULL Guide to Firmware Upgrade, Unbox, Setup, Tips and Review of the RG300 +MAME

We’ll take a look at the Retro Game 300, also known as the RG300. This new Retro Gaming device has a 3″ screen, firmware upgradable, 3007 games pre-installed, L/R buttons and many emulators. Check out this thorough review that will take you from Unboxing, firmware upgrade, gameplay, tips and much more! Yes, the video is a little long, but you’ll learn everything you need to know in one video!

Where to find the RG300

UPDATE (9/29/2019): The Intellivision emulator DOES WORK! Thanks to one of our viewers, Thomas, for the info. To get it to work, search for “OpenEmuBIOSPack”. Then, copy the following files to the roms/intellivision folder that contains the games: ecs.bin, exec.bin, grom.bin & voice.bin. That’s it!

Software and Tools Used for the Firmware Upgrade

Full Guide for the Retro Game (RG) 300

PocketGo by BittBoy Review and Demonstration – Pocket Retro Gaming Handheld (Less than $40)

In this video, we’ll take a look at the new BittBoy Pocket Go, a less than $40 USD retro gaming device. This impressive gaming console can play the following systems:

  • NES
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • SNES
  • Mega Drive
  • Sega Master System
  • PC Engine
  • NeoGEO
  • MAME
  • PS1

You can get yours in the links below

Our Video Review of the PocketGo

How-To Setup: Retroflag GPi CASE – RetroPie on a RPi Zero W – ARCADE in your Pocket!

Here we’ll unbox, assemble and configure the microSD for the newly released Retroflag GPi CASE! For the latest information, also please see the link below. As I receive feedback, with problems or improvements I will update this page.

Setup Instructions to compliment this video

Purchase Links

OpenCADE: Customizable 3D Printed RetroPie ARCADE Case for 1-n Players and USB Port Access

Welcome to OpenCADE! The customizable 3D Printed RetroPie ARCADE solution which allows you to build a 1 player, 2 player (or more) for use with the Raspberry Pi. There are a number of configuration options which are covered in detail in this video. On the OpenCADE page, we also have many options for you to expand your system, including options for Spinners, Trackballs, Steering wheels and more coming!

We do not sell these, YOU print the pieces we provide the models for you to print. This video shows you how to do it. Lots of fun to build! For the full details, visit the OpenCADE page!

SETUP: RetroFlag SuperPI CASE (Deluxe) +Safe Shutdown / RETROPIE case + looks like an SNES!

We’ll un-box and setup the Retroflag SUPERPi Deluxe Edition case with the shutdown script! This kit includes 2 wired controllers, cooling fan, heat sinks and more. You will need a Raspberry Pi 3/3b+ which is sold separately and a microSD card for burning the RetroPie image.

Purchase Links

Helpful Software (Download Links)

How To: Build your own AWESOME RetroPie/RPi Arcade Control Panel!

In this video, we’ll build an Arcade Gaming panel for use with a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie. This video will take you through the complete build process from unboxing, to assembly and installation and setup in RetroPie.

Components Purchased for this Build:

Build Your Own ARCADE Control Panel!

How To: Install RetroPie 4.4 and Setup MAME on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ Play ARCADE GAMES!

In this video, I’ll demonstrate the hardware needed to setup and run RetroPie on the Raspberry Pi 3B+. That is, we’ll cover where to download RetroPie, how to burn the image file, how to copy the ROM (game) files and configure the MAME games.

Helpful Links

If interested in creating a bar-top or full size arcade cabinet from your RetroPie, then you may want to consider this.  I personally have used it in x3 RPi Arcades and they work great!

I’m also building a Restrictor Plate that for the above joystick that doesn’t require opening the cabinet. You can read more about this on our Inventions page.

Base for bar-top Arcade cabinet

In 2017 I built a bar-top arcade cabinet. It turned out pretty well, but after some time playing it, I decided having it stand a little taller would be ideal. So, in this video I take you through building a base for a bar-top arcade cabinet to make it into a convertible mini-cab.

X-Arcade Coin Door Install to RetroPi in an Arcade Cabinet

This coin door was installed into a Raspberry Pi 3 arcade cabinet.

While our custom-built coin door worked well for several months, some parts were chipping off due to heavy use. We decided to replace it with a real coin door with coin mechs from X-Arcade. This video shows how we did it.

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