Wagner’s ARCADE!

We love working on classic Arcade Games, building cabinets and tinkering with RetroPie.  There are a number of videos below on the topic.  Have fun at the Arcade!

My personal favorite YouTube channel of all-time is John’s Arcade, if you’ve never watched his channel, definitely check it out. We are also excited that he read one of our e-mails in a recent episode here.

PocketGo by BittBoy Review and Demonstration – Pocket Retro Gaming Handheld (Less than $40)

In this video, we’ll take a look at the new BittBoy Pocket Go, a less than $40 USD retro gaming device. This impressive gaming console can play the following systems:

  • NES
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • SNES
  • Mega Drive
  • Sega Master System
  • PC Engine
  • NeoGEO
  • MAME
  • PS1

You can get yours in the links below

Our Video Review of the PocketGo

How-To Setup: Retroflag GPi CASE – RetroPie on a RPi Zero W – ARCADE in your Pocket!

Here we’ll unbox, assemble and configure the microSD for the newly released Retroflag GPi CASE! For the latest information, also please see the link below. As I receive feedback, with problems or improvements I will update this page.

Setup Instructions to compliment this video

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OpenCADE: Customizable 3D Printed RetroPie ARCADE Case for 1-n Players and USB Port Access

Welcome to OpenCADE! The customizable 3D Printed RetroPie ARCADE solution which allows you to build a 1 player, 2 player (or more) for use with the Raspberry Pi. There are a number of configuration options which are covered in detail in this video.

We do not sell these, YOU print the pieces we provide the models for you to print. This video shows you how to do it. Lots of fun to build! For the full details, visit the OpenCADE page!

SETUP: RetroFlag SuperPI CASE (Deluxe) +Safe Shutdown / RETROPIE case + looks like an SNES!

We’ll un-box and setup the Retroflag SUPERPi Deluxe Edition case with the shutdown script! This kit includes 2 wired controllers, cooling fan, heat sinks and more. You will need a Raspberry Pi 3/3b+ which is sold separately and a microSD card for burning the RetroPie image.

Purchase Links

Helpful Software (Download Links)

How To: Build your own AWESOME RetroPie/RPi Arcade Control Panel!

In this video, we’ll build an Arcade Gaming panel for use with a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie. This video will take you through the complete build process from unboxing, to assembly and installation and setup in RetroPie.

Components Purchased for this Build:

Build Your Own ARCADE Control Panel!

How To: Install RetroPie 4.4 and Setup MAME on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ Play ARCADE GAMES!

In this video, I’ll demonstrate the hardware needed to setup and run RetroPie on the Raspberry Pi 3B+. That is, we’ll cover where to download RetroPie, how to burn the image file, how to copy the ROM (game) files and configure the MAME games.

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If interested in creating a bar-top or full size arcade cabinet from your RetroPie, then you may want to consider this.  I personally have used it in x3 RPi Arcades and they work great!

I’m also building a Restrictor Plate that for the above joystick that doesn’t require opening the cabinet. You can read more about this on our Inventions page.

Base for bar-top Arcade cabinet

In 2017 I built a bar-top arcade cabinet. It turned out pretty well, but after some time playing it, I decided having it stand a little taller would be ideal. So, in this video I take you through building a base for a bar-top arcade cabinet to make it into a convertible mini-cab.

X-Arcade Coin Door Install to RetroPi in an Arcade Cabinet

This coin door was installed into a Raspberry Pi 3 arcade cabinet.

While our custom-built coin door worked well for several months, some parts were chipping off due to heavy use. We decided to replace it with a real coin door with coin mechs from X-Arcade. This video shows how we did it.

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