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Few actually view this page, this is where you’ll find clues on what is coming next. Consider yourself one of the insiders! Let’s keep it between us 😉

2020-8-13 – Building a Modern Retro Computer (MRC) is an easy and fun way to experience the classic consoles you grew up with. In this video, I’ll show you a cool kit by Vilros that will make that dream of being able to run all those classic machines in a single console possible. Check it out here!

Hmmm… A lot of things wrong with this picture, but nonetheless it’s coming to WTT! There is much more to this than meets the eye 🙂

2020-8-6 – Started working on my next project this evening. I’ve assembled the concept, put a few things together and I’ll be darned if the idea might just fly. Now to figure out the rest of the story… Stay tuned!

2020-8-5 – Special thanks to TomTop for sending me the all-new RG280M for review! I won’t waste your time with this post, check it out here.

2020-7-31 – A WTT subscriber was kind enough to donate a defective RG-350 to the channel in hopes that I could make a repair video. If interested in seeing what was done to try to fix it, you can check it out here.

2020-7-30 – The CrowPi2 is coming soon to WTT! Really looking forward to using this Raspberry Pi 4 based laptop-electronics Laboratory. If you don’t want to wait, you can enter to win your own here. Good luck!

2020-7-22 – Want to build and program your very own Robot? Want a fun project to share with your children? You won’t want to miss this awesome robotics project here!

2020-7-19 – Started working on the next video project which I think you’re going to enjoy. If you’ve been interested in robotics but haven’t a clue where to start, this page should help. More content will be added in the following days and a video to accompany it has been started. Stay tuned!

2020-7-16 – Amazing to think you can take a nearly 40 year old computer and add additional RAM (32k), Internet access, emulate 3 drives, manage from a web interface, write code in a browser and run on the computer. Yep, all of this is possible on the TI-99/4A using the TIPI/32K and a Raspberry Pi 0 W! Check it out here.

2020-7-10 – This week, we’ll take a look at the GGMM D3 battery that will allow you to easily take your Echo Dot into places not previously possible. Check it out here!

2020-7-4 – Happy July 4th to those of us in the US! Hope you have a wonderful day with friends and family – stay safe! I love to tinker with electronics, especially Raspberry Pi’s. I came across a very cool kickstarter project a few days ago and had to bite on this one. It’s the CrowPi2, check it out here. This is only the 2nd kickstarter I’ve backed (the first being Glen’s Retro Show Star Wars flight Yoke). Years ago I made my own using a LapDock (for a really poorly done video, you can see it here) but the CrowPi looks amazing. If you like tinkering with Pi’s and electronics, thought you might at least like to know the project is out there. Hope to be able to share it with you on the channel in Aug/Sept.

2020-7-3 – The RG-350M is latest model of the RG-350 product line from Anbernic. TomTop was kind enough to send one over for review. Let’s check it out!

2020-6-25 – The Argon One case for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is an impressive case. It provides both passive and active cooling, includes an extender board to move all ports to the back of the case and includes a magnetic hatch for accessing the GPIO header pins. In this video, I’ll show you how to set it up. Due to popular request, I have setup an Argon One Tips page here.

2020-6-18 – Let’s check out the LABISTS Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Retro Gaming Kit. This kit includes everything you need to play your favorite Retro Games, including those that require Analog Sticks! Check out my review here.

2020-6-11 – In today’s video, we’re going to take a look at an impressive image for the Raspberry Pi 4 (or 3b+), called Twister OS. This image provides a Windows 10 and OSX style User Interface (UI) which has some impressive capabilities. Check out the Setup and Demonstration video here.

2020-6-9 – Today was a special day, I received in the mail a package from over-seas. It’s one I’ve been expecting for several weeks and it’s finally here! My first impressions, it’s a work of absolute technological beauty. Functionally, I can’t comment yet (I just unboxed and held it for a bit). What is it? Ye shall see, in a very near future WTT video.

2020-6-5 – CanaKit sent the new 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 Starter MAX kit this week! Hard to believe you can now buy a Raspberry Pi with 8GB of RAM. In this video, we’ll unbox, set it up and load it up with a lot of applications. Check it out here!

2020-5-29 – Steve from DeadEyeVR sent me four Oculus Quest accessories for review. He designs and prints the 3D models for everything he sells. Each one of them is very well-designed and functions great. If you own an Oculus Quest, you’ll want to see this.

2020-5-24 – Now that we have HDMI Output support on the RG-350, you may be wondering how to add a wireless controller. In this video, we’ll cover one way to do just that!

2020-5-20 – If you are looking for a 15.6″ lightweight portable monitor either for work or play, the AUZAI 15.6″ portable monitor may be for you. In this video review, I took it for a spin with many different devices including:

  • The Raspberry Pi (running RetroPie 4.6)
  • RG350
  • Oculus Quest (using a Chromecast Ultra)
  • iPhone 8+
  • iPad
  • Dual-monitor setup with an EVOO laptop/tablet

2020-5-19 – This is a first for me, my all-time favorite Oculus Quest game is Racket NX. This week is the beginning of Racket NX tournaments, you can check out the current standing here. I definitely don’t expect to win, I’m ranked #19, at the present time. But, looking forward to meeting up with some of the best Racket NX players world-wide and giving it my best shot. Also, I will be recording some of the matches to possibly air on a future episode of WTT – unless it goes embarrassingly quick 🙂 Stay tuned!

2020-5-13 – This was a lot of work, but it’s done (whew), our new RetroPie tips page is now available! This page will be expanded even further and currently consists of several tips and a companion video to help demonstrate each one of them. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!

2020-5-8 – I honestly didn’t think it would happen, we now have HDMI Output support on the RG-350! That’s right, you can now connect your RG350 to your large screen TV. Check out our video and tutorial here.

2020-5-5 – Began testing and documenting how to add HDMI Output support on the RG-350. This new capability is in public beta and will allow you to connect your RG-350 to your TV or monitor over HDMI. I can confirm, it works! Read more here.

2020-4-29 – The official image for RetroPie (4.6 – beta) for the Raspberry Pi 4 is now available! Check out our video and instructions here!

2020-4-25 – Added a video for Echo VR, an awesome game for the Oculus Quest which is currently in closed-beta, but will be released soon. Check it out here!

2020-4-19 – New Video that demonstrates how to setup the Mayflash Dolphin bar and Wii Remote to a Raspberry Pi 4 to play those classic light-gun games. Check it out here!

2020-4-18 – Added a new section to the Raspberry Pi 4 gaming page to provide setup instructions for Lightgun support using the Mayflash Dolphinbar and a Wii Remote. You can find that section here.

2020-4-10 – New video which will show you how to setup the Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 Gaming Kit may be found on our new Raspberry Pi 4 gaming page. The video covers not only the hardware setup, but also install and quick setup of Lakka and Supreme RetroPie.

2020-4-9 – A new page has been setup for Raspberry Pi 4 gaming, this page is to coincide with the release of a new video which covers the hardware / software setup. The video will be released on 4/10/2020.

2020-4-3 – Video which demonstrates a very cool Magnetic Charging and Data Sync cable solution which will be useful for a number of devices you already own! The best thing about it, it reduces the wear and tear on the connectors of your devices. Check it out here.

2020-3-27 – Released a video on a prototype facemask which you can find here. I welcome any feedback to help improve the design, test it and make it fit for actual use.

2020-3-26 – A 3D printed facemask prototype is available for you for review. Please keep in mind, I’m making this available for testing (not medical usage), review and recommendations for improvement. You can view the page here.

2020-3-25 – I know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted here. However, as we all know there have been some considerable challenges as of late. Many health care workers, responders and others are not able to acquire the proper gear to stay safe. I’m attempting to help by designing a 3D Printed face-mask. I’ll post a link here when I’m happy with the results.

2020-3-16 – Recently I picked up a Ticwris Max watch and have been testing it out for about a week. It is a BIG watch and packed with a ton of features. If you’re looking for a cool watch that will definitely stand out, this is it! Check it out here.

2020-3-8 – If you’ve ever wanted to change the icons for your favorite emulator, add additional files/roms or just tinker with OPK files in-general, check out Open Package Creator. In this video I’ll show you how.

2020-2-27 – If you’re interested in modding your RG-350 to use a set of more “pocketable” sticks that work great, check out our new video here.

2020-2-21 – New video to explain how to setup the Daphne Emulator on your RG-350 or Pocket Go v2 to play the classic Laser Disk titles Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace!

2020-2-19 – Added instructions for the Pocket Go v2 on how to setup the Daphne emulator to play games such as Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace. You can find those instructions here.

2020-2-18 – Added instructions to the RG-350 tips page on how to setup the Daphne emulator to play games such as Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace. You can find those instructions here.

2020-2-16 – My review of the new Amazon Echo Show 8, check it out here.

2020-2-8 – When my RG-350 arrived, the very first game I went to play was Robtron. Unfortunately, at the time, I couldn’t figure out how to make the right stick work. A WTT viewer, John C. saved the day by providing some instructions that allowed me to get it up and running. I’m now sharing that info. with you in this video, check it out here.

2020-1-31 – Ever wondered if you could use a 256GB or 512GB microSD on your RG-350 or Pocket Go v2? Yep, I did too. So, put it to the test here!

2020-1-29 – Our order is in for the ODROID-GO Advance! According to their website, units will begin shipping Feb. 6th. Our order was placed with AmeriDroid. You can look forward to a review shortly after we receive it.

2020-1-29 – Started filming our next video this evening, if you are an RG-350 or Pocket Go v2 owner (or considering one) – you won’t want to miss it! Hint: It’s probably not the type of video you think it is 😉

2020-1-28 – Updated the PocketGo v2 page to include instructions for setting up the following emulators: Atari 2600 (Stella), Intellivision & Amiga. You can find these instructions here.

2020-1-25 – Released our first Pocket Go Version 2 video, check it out here.

2020-1-22 – Received my new PocketGo (PocketGo2) and began documenting the PocketGo2 tips page here.

2020-1-19 – New video on the mini Data East Classics by My Arcade and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pinball. You can find it at the arcade, here.

2020-1-12 – Video of MashTec and WTT playing Quake II over the Internet using WiFi adapters added to the unit. You can check out the the video here.

2020-1-8 – Documented how to setup WiFi on the RG-350 using Mash Tec’s technique and information. Check it out here.

2020-1-5 – Added a new video demonstrating how to setup the Commodore 64/Vic 20/PET (Vice), ZX Spectrum (Unreal Speccy) and Atari Lynx (Handy 320) emulators on the RG-350. Check it out here.

2020-1-1 – Happy New Year! New content will be arriving soon 🙂

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