Our Blog (2019)

2019-10-20 – New video on how to setup an Amazon Echo Dot to make your home a SmartHome. This includes: controlling Smart Power Sockets, Bulbs and Routines. Check it out here.

2019-10-13 – New video demonstrating how to setup/install Openmediavault 5.0 (beta) on a Raspberry Pi 4. A NAS solution for the Raspberry Pi 4.

2019-10-11 – Began creating a tutorial on RPi 4 as a NAS with OpenMediaVault (OMV) 5 Beta.

2019-10-05 – Review of the CanaKit Starter Kit for the Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB Model). You can check it out on our Raspberry Pi 4 page here.

2019-10-01 – Introducing a 15.6″ Portable Touch Screen Monitor for your Raspberry Pi 4, Laptop, Desktop, Game Consoles even phones and tablets. Check it out here.

2019-09-25 – Added a new VR Game for the Oculus Quest, Death Horizon: Reloaded! Check it out here.

2019-09-21 – Check out our review of the Retro Game (RG) 300 here! It’s a Retro Gaming handheld console with 3007 games pre-loaded. In this video, we’ll cover most every aspect of the unit including how to upgrade the firmware.

2019-09-14 – Our first Raspberry Pi 4 Model B video has been released for the Raspberry Pi 4 Computer Desktop Kit. You can watch the video and learn more about this impressive single-board computer on our Raspberry Pi 4 page.

2019-09-08 – Added a new video review for Real VR Fishing! This review was handled by the fisherman in the WTT family, Landon. Check out what he has to say about this game that will be released on 9/13/2019!

2019-09-06 – We recently designed a Steering Wheel for the Glen’s Arcade Show (GRS) Spinner! You can read more about it and download the free 3d model here.

2019-09-05 – Added a new page to our site to support upcoming Raspberry Pi 4 Model B articles, videos and additional information to assist our viewers. Video production and our first RPi 4 Model B article is currently in-development.

2019-09-02 – Glen over at Glen’s Retro Show released an AWESOME video that demonstrates OpenCADE using his Trackball + Spinner! Check it out here!

2019-09-01 – This was an unplanned video, but my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S7 phone wasn’t holding a charge for long. Ordered a replacement battery from Amazon and decided to make a video of the process. You can check it out on our Projects page here.

2019-08-31 – Our Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit has arrived and it is setup and running! Working on our next video which will show you how to do the same and cover a few minor tweaks that were necessary. Also planning on creating a new section here on the WTT site to cover several aspects of this fascinating upgrade to the most popular Single Board Computer available today. If you’re interested in the new RPi 4b, you may want to check back soon.

2019-08-24 – One of our viewers, Manny sent us some awesome pictures and detailed information about his OpenCADE dual-stick Robotron build! Check it out here.

2019-08-24 – We are currently prototyping a Steering column for the GRS Spinner! Check out our early design here. A test print is in-process…

2019-08-06 – Added Glen’s Retro Show Trackball and Spinner to OpenCADE with instructions on how to build your own. Check it out here!

2019-07-10 – Updated the Retroflag GPi Setup Guide to also include using the Super RetroPie image.

2019-06-22 – Began documenting the Retroflag GPi Setup Guide here.

2019-05-10 – Control Panel Templates NOW AVAILABLE! Check it out here.

2019-03-16 – Demonstration of Dragon’s Lair for the TI-99/4A may be found on our Retro Computing page.

2019-02-27 – Project OpenCADE is NOW AVAILABLE! Check it out here.

2019-02-22 – Project OpenCADE is coming soon. Check it out here.

2019-01-20 – Need to capture video from an xboxone, PS4, Retro Computer, Raspberry Pi or darn near anything? If so, check out our video on the MyGica HD Video Capture device.

2019-01-17 – Check out the latest review on the MSI GL 73. I think you’ll be impressed!

Happy New Year 2019! Now that the holidays have passed, it’s time to get started on some new projects. We have a lot of ideas for projects and videos planned for this year. You can see a small sampling of ideas on our What’s Next page. If you want to contribute to any discussions, please see our Wagner’s TechTalk Facebook page.

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