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For any requests to advertise or post your article on this site, please see here. You may contact me (Jon) at the following locations:

Method of contactLocation
YouTube Video Comments
(recommended method for video-related questions)
Facebook (I’m typically slow to respond via facebook)
E-mail (I’m typically slow to respond via e-mail) jon [at]

Guest Publications

My priority is to provide my viewers with a pleasant browsing experience while visiting this site. I’ve received a number of requests asking to advertise or post guest articles to be published here at Wagner’s TechTalk. The content on this site is original work, created by myself for the community unless otherwise specified.

There are a few reference pages that exist with content that I did not create directly, but were edited and posted based on information received. There was collaboration between myself and the author(s) to make them available and are individuals I know and trust. Any such works identify the author and were added to supplement existing content from subject matter experts.

Any requests for guest articles must be relevant to content or subject matter found here. If you contact me asking if I can post your article, please consider the following:

  • Clearly specify and summarize the subject of the article/content you’re considering. If you don’t provide a summary of what the article is about, the request will be ignored.
  • Any content for consideration must not include any attachments in the e-mail. I will delete any e-mail received that includes an attachment without opening it.
  • I don’t pay for any guest content, in some cases I may host content for authors that I’ve communicated with directly and provide relevant information from individuals I know and trust.
  • If I’ve not communicated with you previously on some social media platform prior to your e-mail, it’s unlikely I’ll consider the article for posting to this website.


I don’t allow any paid advertisements on this site. I want to make sure my viewers are not bombarded with any links, pop-ups, etc. that will get in the way of them finding the information they are looking for. Any advertising that resides on this site are the result of products that I’ve personally purchased, received/reviewed and are relevant to the content found on this site. I initiated the authorization to place any advertisements shown, not the other way around. Any requests to advertise will be referred to this section.