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Last Update: 2/21/2024

AtGames News

As new AtGames news/information is available, you’ll find it below. This page was growing rather large and I’ve therefore taken news from prior years to a separate page to keep this one dedicated to the current year. The information on this page may change frequently, so do check back for the latest updates as well as the guides mentioned above.

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News from Prior Years

Latest News & Updates

Below is the most recent information that AtGames has shared with the community.

February 2024

NOD Information

This year marks AtGames 5th year since they launched the Legends Ultimate in 2019! The National Owner’s Day (NOD) 2024 celebration, starts Friday, February 23, at 9 a.m. ET (8 a.m. CT/6 a.m. PT), and running through Monday, February 26 at 11:59 p.m. PT (3 a.m. ET/ 2 a.m. CT on 2/27).

Deals will be available here during the event

One of the highlights of NOD 2024 is the opportunity to buy/preorder many of their Legends 4K™ pinball machines and have access to promotional discounts on selected accessories.

Click above for the Legends Pinball 4KP Deck (PDF)
Click above for the HD Products Deck (PDF)

Some highlights (4K):

  • Two configurations for The Addams Family 4KP cabinet are available (A & B). A) no SSF B) with the SSF kit pre-installed.
  • Zen Studios Peanuts’ Snoopy Pinball (4K only) will be available for the 4KP on 2/23 ($4.50).
  • If you ordered a cabinet that doesn’t include The Addams Family, you can add it for $15 (4K only).
  • Additional Zen Studios titles to be released in March include (4K only): Godzilla VS. Kong Pinball, Williams Pinball: The Twilight Zone, Star Trek Pinball & Williams Pinball Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Gottlieb Table Packs 1-4 (total of 22 tables), $25 per pack releasing on 2/23.
  • Magnetic Cup Holder, available 2/23 ($15 +$10 S/H).
  • SSF Kit $50 off (you install it)
  • Arcade Control Panel 10% off @$180+$20SH.
  • 20% Off over 150 Table Packs (Dr. Seuss, Zaccaria, TAITO, etc.) – *NOTE- Natural History pack and Zaccaria Deluxe packs are pre-installed on most machines, so don’t double-up here.
  • Much more, this is just a quick summary.

Here are some of the Legends 4K™ deals you can expect:

  • Buy/Preorder one ALP 4K machine at a $100 discount and access the optional promotion discount on selected accessories.
  • Legends 4K™ PinballNet™ (One Year) for $120.00 ($30 Off) 
  • Legends 4K™ Pinball Packs, all for 20% Off (excludes Zen titles). 
  • NEW Legends Magnetic Cup Holder for $15.00 (40% Off) plus $10 S/H
  • Legends 4K™ SSF Kit for $349.99 ($50 Off) plus $30 S/H
  • Arcade Control Panel for Legends Pinball Machine $179.99 (10% Off) plus $20 S/H

Below are just a few of the amazing Legends HD deals you will find during NOD 2024:

  • LPO Membership for Legends HD $120.00 (20% Off) 
  • Legends Ultimate HD for $479.99 plus $100 S/H (20% Off)
  • Legends Ultimate Mini HD for $379.99 plus $75 S/H (26.7% Off) 
  • Legends Pinball HD for $649.99 plus $100 S/H (18.8% Off) 
  • Legends Pinball Micro HD for $329.99 plus $50 S/H (26.7% Off) 
  • Legends Core Max HD for $99.99 plus $25 S/H (33.3% Off) 
  • Legends BitLCD HD for $239.99 plus $25 S/H (31.4% Off) 
  • Legends QuadPlay Control Panel HD for ALU HD $219.99 plus $35 S/H (26.7% Off) 
  • MANY MORE!!!

Some important combined deals to note and take advantage of are outlined below!

  • When purchasing a Legends Ultimate HD, if you also purchase an accessory for the Legends Ultimate HD, you will receive an additional 20% Off discount on the accessory!
  • When purchasing a Legends Pinball Micro HD OR Legends Ultimate Mini HD, if you also purchase an accessory for either of those two HD devices, you will receive an additional 15% Off discount on the accessory!
  • When purchasing a Legends Pinball HD, if you also purchase an accessory for the Legends Pinball HD, you will receive an additional 10% Off discount on the accessory!

IMPORTANT NOTE: To take advantage of any additional discounts of the combined deals listed above and many others we will have, YOU MUST add them to your cart and check out at the same time all under the same order. Not doing this will result in not being able to take advantage of those additional discounts.