What’s Next?

We have a lot of ideas for projects in 2023.  Here are a few short-term ideas, feel free to comment on our Facebook page if you’d like to see any of these or something else:

  • More Guides in-general to help support you with various tech projects, Steam Deck, Raspberry Pi, Retro Gaming devices, arcade machines and anything that you might find enjoyable.
  • More AtGames how-to, guides and reviews.
  • Anything tech-related that would be fun to explore! Some stuff I’m not even aware of at this time.
  • Raspberry Pi 4, 400, CM4, Orange Pi 800 and deep-dive videos of related operating systems, platforms, devices and software.
  • Our 3D printed custom arcade project called OpenCADE continues to expand! It is a fully self-contained RPi Arcade Console which provides the ability to add several Arcade controllers, trackballs, spinners, etc. to your HDMI TV. We’ve been working with Glen’s Retro Show to release a control panel for his Star Wars Yoke, Trackball+Spinner as well as his Tron Stick! We also have some more ideas we plan to explore on this project. Check out what we’ve done so far here.
  • More RetroComputing / TI-99/4A content! We have acquired some new products which are waiting on me to review. Some are still sitting on my shelf just waiting to be opened. In prior years, we’ve reviewed quite a few cool new products. Check out our reviews of Dragon’s Lair and Stuart’s Browser with TIPI support! But we have some new carts that are awaiting a proper review by a very talented developer. More coming!

Table of Contents

Mid-Late 2023

  • Design and Build a bi-ped Robot – we want this fellow to do our dishes for us.  Sure, that’s a little too optimistic for the short term but an ultimate goal once we build the hardware and software to support it.  Hoping to start this project around mid-end of 2023 and release some update videos as we progress. We’ll start with just the legs and the waist section to get it walking. Then, expand from there. It will be a completely custom build/design. We’ll start with a small-scale version, and build up from there as we work on the software.
  • Learn to weld – need to prepare for a super-cool project for the longer term 2024+.  Details on that much later on.  Hint:  It involves flying.