The following is the latest Project videos from Wagner’s TechTalk.  These are projects that were not created/designed by Wagner’s TechTalk but assembled and demonstrated by us.  If you’re interested in our Inventions, please see this page.

CrowPi 2 (Deluxe Kit) Unbox/Setup: Amazing Raspberry Pi 4 Laptop for programming/STEM Learning

In this video, we are going to check out the CrowPi2 Deluxe kit from Elecrow. This amazing Raspberry Pi 4 laptop includes a custom board with 22+ on-board sensors and modules. It is an amazing platform for developers, educators and students to learn electronics, programming, robotics and much more. For more information on the CrowPi2, check out our dedicated CrowPi2 page!

Maqueen Plus Robot by DFRobot: Amazing DIY Robot for Fun & Learning!

In this video we will check out the Maqueen Plus advanced programmable robot by DFRobot. The Maqueen Plus utilizes the micro:bit micro-controller to perform many different functions. It can easily be programmed for line-tracking, autonomous operation and much more! It’s limited only by your imagination. Great for classroom activities, robotics competitions or for anyone interested in learning more about robotics.

Tutorial shown in this video may be found here

How To: Setup Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Smart Home with Power Sockets, Light Bulbs and Routines!

In this video, we’ll setup the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) and use skills to allow turning on/off Power Plugs (or sockets) as well as Smart Light Bulbs. We will also use the Routines to automate powering on holiday lights as well as setup a custom voice-activated Routine.

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How To: Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Replacement

Batteries in the top of the line cell phones typically only last 2-3 years, yet those phones cost nearly a thousand dollars (or more). The battery in my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S7 was not holding a charge. Our decision: do we buy a new phone or simply replace the battery? As it turns out, it only cost $15 to replace the battery ourselves vs. $700+ for a new phone. This video will show you how to do it yourself! This video is NOT for the S7 Edge.

Warning:  Repairs will void the warranty with your service provider and manufacturer of the phone.  Also, a few cautions:  Don't use metal tools when prying the battery up, use the plastic guitar pick/prying tool instead.  Use proper eye protection and follow all manufacturers recommendations above all else.  Adding additional sealant is up to you, I reused what was there but keep in mind it will not be as water resistant.

Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930 EB-BG930ABA /EB-BG930ABE Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930V ( Verizon ) Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930A ( AT&T ) Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930P ( Sprint ) Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930T ( T-Mobile ) Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930R (U.S. Cellular ) Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930 ( MetroPCS / Cricket / Virgin Mobile ) Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930 ( Tracfone / Boost Mobile ) Samsung Galaxy S7 Duos SM-G930FD Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F ( International version )

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How to Replace your Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery

Building a single-panel JUMBOTRON using HACKERBOXES 0036

This month’s Hackerbox #0036 I found very interesting. In the box was a single RGB LED Matrix with 64×32 pixels! It’s one of the panels that is used for making those massive retro arcade classics that you see at Dave & Busters, Stars and Strikes, etc. I’ve always wanted to see what these panels look like and work with one, Hackerbox delivered! Let’s check it out!


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