AtGames Legends Pinball 4K Guide

A New Guide has been developed for the Legends Pinball 4K PC Setup (OTG) and includes setting up Zen Studios Pinball FX and Pinball M. Check it out here!

Last Update: 6/13/2024

Video: The Addams Family: AtGames Legends Pinball 4KP PRODUCTION Game Play!

The Legends 4KP is the latest version of the Legends Pinball line developed by AtGames. The Legends Pinball 4KP

(Standard Edition) features The Addams Family™ themed pinball cabinet and also includes the Zen Studios pinball table. In addition, there are 14 additional popular AtGames exclusive and Zaccaria Deluxe pinball tables that are pre-installed with the machine for a total of 15 tables (see here for a full list).

While The Addams Family™ themed cabinet is considered a Standard Edition cabinet, there will be additional Standard Edition cabinets beyond this cabinet artwork. Once they are known, I’ll update accordingly. In addition to the Standard Edition cabinets, there will be an additional category of Collector’s Edition Cabinets (or CEP’s). A CEP cabinet will be a limited-run machine, typically limited to 5,000 units unless otherwise specified. Once they sell out, that’s it. No more will be produced. At the time of this writing, no CEP’s have been announced.

The Addams Family™ Standard Edition Cabinet

That said, using the information for The Addams Family™ themed Standard Edition cabinet, let’s go over some of the primary features, such as:

  • Fast RK3588 CPU built-in – This CPU allows playing hundreds of tables developed by AtGames, Magic Pixel, Zen Studios, Gottlieb and others directly on the machine.
  • 32″ 4K Playfield – The playfield display can render images at 3840×2160 (4K UHD) resolution.
  • Large 23.8″ Backglass Display – The backglass display will allow you to see the table artwork easily on the large screen. Lighted animations occur to provide a realistic pinball experience.
  • Dedicated 8″ DMD – An 8″ dedicated DMD is positioned directly below the Backglass display and provides scoring and additional information during the game or when selecting a table.
  • 3.5″ Speakers – There are two large speakers to the left/right of the DMD.
  • Solenoids / Haptic Feedback / Accelerometer Solenoids are built-in to the machine, that is when you press the flipper buttons you’ll hear/feel the sounds of the flipper. Haptic feedback provides the vibration effect to simulate on-screen activity. The Accelerometer is used for physically nudging the table, just as you would a physical pinball machine.
  • Expandable – Should you wish to connect a PC, Steam Deck, ROG Ally or similar device to your ALP 4K machine, you certainly can. It can also utilize 3 different inputs for all 3 of the built-in displays. Connecting an OTG (On-The-Go) cable or USB-A to USB-A cable, you can use the ALP 4K’s buttons to control the action using the buttons from the machine. This allows you to run any virtual pinball package available on your Legends Pinball 4K.
  • New CE-4K interface – The interface has been completely redesigned to provide a more natural and easy-to-use experience. However, if you prefer a tiled interface, that option also exists in the UI Settings.
  • Topper and Builder’s Plate – Each machine includes a custom Topper to reflect the table theme as well as a Builder’s Plate which identifies the manufacture date and the unique unit number of the machine.

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Here we’ll discuss some questions that have been received about the Legends Pinball 4KP cabinets:

  1. What is the height of The Addams Family (Standard Edition) cabinet with the topper? A: It’s about 79″ tall. Also, the topper itself is 22.25″ wide and about 12.25″ tall from the top of the backbox to highest point on the topper.
  2. Can I use the cabinet without the topper? A: Yes you can, but it looks much nicer with the topper.
  3. Where can I find the videos and content for the Legends Pinball EVT (pre-production) model? Answer: you can find the Legends Pinball 4KP EVT page here.
  4. Is the original Arcade Control Panel (ACP) be compatible with this cabinet? Answer: Yes, the current ACP will be compatible with the Legends 4K series. However, I’ve seen reports that it doesn’t work over OTG at the present time. I need to transfer mine to the production machine and test this (I’ll remove this statement once done).
  5. Do the exciters work in conjunction with the solenoids? Answer: Haptic speakers and solenoids both work and you’re able to turn either off or both off through the menu. I’ve tested this on the production machine and it works very well, I was impressed (no false positives from the solenoids, as previously reported).
  6. What is the refresh rate of the playfield display? Answer: 60Hz
  7. Will previous games / game packs be playable on this machine? Answer: Packs will be ported to Legends 4K Format to support (a) CE-4K OS, (b) optimized CPU/graphic power, (c) 4K playfield, HD backglass, HD DMD, and (d) SSF Kit data. They will be sold separately. HD packs will not run on Legends 4K Format.
  8. Is there noticeable latency with OTG? Answer: Answered in this video.
  9. Will any future pinball packs require the 4k model or will all future pinball packs work on the standard hardware? Answer: Legends HD and Legends 4K Format will not be compatible. All future first party tables will be released in both formats (Legends HD and Legends 4K).
  10. Is head tracking to subtly change the view of the playfield a thing in virtual pinball? Answer: (Jon: I’ve seen an Xbox Kinect being used to accomplish this type of effect with a PC for virtual pinball. More to explore on this at some later time)
  11. If you have the PC or other source that worked on the HD version, can you play them on this 4K version in HD? Answer: Yes, you can connect via OTG to the x3 HDMI Input ports + x1 USB 2.0 cable (OTG) to play HD tables on the 4K display (at 1080p).
  12. What is CE-4K? Answer: CE-4K is the complete redesign of the Legends ecosystem built from the ground up. At the core of this design, the focus is on an open and connected platform, providing the user with the latest and greatest features and games. Following the industry standards, CE-4K will require periodic mandatory updates to ensure the system is up and running at the optimal capacity while introducing new features, games, and experiences. Like other gaming platforms, Call of Duty, for example, CE-4K will notify the user of required updates and will prompt the user to begin the process. If the user chooses to delay the update, they can still enjoy their legends device by playing games locally without any online features. Once all mandatory updates are complete, the online system features will be updated and restored.
  13. Where can I find a comparison of the ALP HD and the ALP 4KP? Answer: Please see here.
  14. Where can I find a list of Zen Pinball Packs for Legends 4K machines? Answer: Please see here.
  15. How long are the pinball legs? Answer: They are about 29 3/4″ tall from the floor to the top of the leg (not fully extended at the feet). Extending the feet may increase the height by 1-2″ more.
  16. How many Solenoids does the ALP 4KP have pre-installed? Answer: Two, these are fired when the flippers are pressed and may be turned off also.
  17. Does SSF work in OTG mode? Answer: From the Day One Update 6.0.x release notes (see here), it states: SSF Kit support for OTG is included in the Day One Update as an Open Beta. We (AtGames) will provide a free update to this functionality on March 29, 2024. Please note, as OTG performance can vary, experiences may differ.
  18. Do the solenoids work in OTG Mode? Answer: Last I tested this (during the EVT series), yes they did. This test will be repeated on the production machine after I finish some upcoming getting started content.
  19. Has AtGames stated the actual hardware used for the SSF kit? The early videos show 8 ohm Dayton exciters that are screwed into place but nothing about the sub in the middle. Answer: Asking… I’ll also find out when the SSF kit arrives.


The following resources are available for the Legends 4KP for additional information. As more become available, they will be added.

  • AtGames and Zen Studios Partnership Announcement PR – PR announcing the partnership between AtGames and Zen Studios to bring Pinball FX tables to the Legends platform.
  • Legends Ultimate (subreddit) – Great place to ask questions or find answers relating to the Legends Pinball 4K.
  • Legends Pinball (subreddit) – Another great location to find answers and ask questions about the Legends Pinball 4K.
  • Pinball FX3 (subreddit) – Check out this page for the latest news and information about Zen Studios Pinball FX. While not focused on the Legends Pinball 4K products specifically, at present, you may find several posts in the near future that may be applicable.
  • Legends 4KP Preorder Information – pre-order information available from the AtGames website.
  • Legends 4KP EVT Page (early pre-production model) – Information page and video series that covers many aspects of the Legends 4KP.

Facebook Groups

Friends of the Channel

Below are some friends of the channel that cover the AtGames Legends 4K and FX Legends 4K virtual pinball machine. As more are identified, they will be added. The YouTube channels listed here have received their machines and creating content for it:

Helpful Tips

Below are some tips that may be helpful with your Legends Pinball 4K machine:

  • After I lose a ball, in a Magic Pixel table, there is an animation that appears summarizing the scores. Can I skip past this? Yes, if you press and hold the Left+Right flippers at the same time while the animation is playing it will skip it. You may need to take your fingers off the flippers and press both again once or twice. This also works with tables running on the Legends Pinball HD.
  • The Addams Family quick change between Gold and Normal Mode – This interesting tip allows you to toggle between all features such as ball trails, score popups, etc. (Normal) and the Gold mode (all effects turned off). Navigate to The Addams Family table and launch the table. Before starting the game, press the forward nudge button to alternate between gold and normal mode. Press again to toggle back.

AtGames News & Updates

For the latest AtGames News, visit the AtGames News Updates page.

AtGames News Page

Where to Buy

*NOTE– There will be additional cabinets released in the future as Collector’s Edition Pinball (CEP’s) and limited to 5,000 units each – PR here. At this time, we don’t know all cabinets that will be available, pricing, options, etc. See here for those cabinets currently available for purchase. If you don’t see a cabinet that you prefer, waiting is an option 😉 .

Below are the locations where you can purchase the Legends Pinball 4K.


Table Editions

Announced Table Editions

AtGames has announced several themed cabinets in the form of the Legends Pinball 4KP and FX Editions. Below you’ll find a quick summary of what tables are included with links to the preorder pages for each:

Cabinet Table EditionArtworkCabinet Summary
The Addams Family™ Legends Pinball 4KP Standard Edition (Order here)The Addams Family™ Zen Studios themed artworkThe Addams Family™ + Core Tables (15 total tables)
Dinosaur Dynasty Legends Pinball 4KP Standard Edition (Order here)Dinosaur Dynasty themed artwork. Trailer video.Core Tables (including Dinosaur Dynasty 18 total tables). Tables releasing in 2024 and also included with this machine are: Natural History 2 – Antarctica, Africa, Deep Ocean & Egypt.
Peanuts FX Legends Pinball Collector’s Edition (Order here)Peanuts Zen Studios themed artwork. Trailer Video.Peanuts Snoopy Pinball + Core Tables (15 total tables)
FX Legends 4K Star Trek™ Collector’s Edition Pinball (Order here)Star Trek themed artwork. Trailer video.Star Trek™ Pinball: Kelvin Timeline, Star Trek™ Pinball: Discovery, Star Trek™ Pinball: Deep Space Nine + Core Tables (17 total tables)
FX Legends 4K Attack from Mars™ Collector’s Edition Pinball (Order here)Attack from Mars themed artwork. Trailer video.Attack from Mars™ Pinball: Attack from Mars + Core Tables (15 total tables)

Add-On Table Packs

For a full list of available add-on 4K table packs, please see the AtGames site.


Below are a number of accessories that are available for the AtGames Legends Pinball 4K:

1st Party

The following accessories are available directly from AtGames and additional authorized resellers:

  • Arcade Control Panel [ AtGames | Amazon ]- The Arcade Control Panel provides the ability to add 6 additional buttons, a trackball and joystick to the apron area of the machine.
Arcade Control Panel (ACP)

The Arcade Control Panel that you currently own, or purchase separately will work with the Legends Pinball 4KP. I personally installed and tried it. I’m able to navigate the tables using the Joystick in all directions. All button actions are: A=Start/Select, B=Back, C=Favorite, X=Navigate Left, Y=Navigate Right and Z=Scroll wheel. The default mapping could change prior to release, but this is how they are mapped at present.

  • SSF / Surround Sound Feedback (Kit) [ AtGames ] – The SSF kit supports the Legends 4K Pinball surround sound feedback feature. It simulates the physical feedback of a real pinball machine. That is, you can hear the ball rolling on the playfield, the bumpers and an overall more realistic experience. *NOTE: Parts used in the SSF Kit will come from multiple sources/suppliers to meet production quantity requirements, yet each will maintain the same level of QA standards.
Video: AtGames Legends 4KP SSF Kit First Look, Arcade Control Panel and more

3rd Party

The accessories here are available from 3rd party resellers and work well with your Legends Pinball 4K machine.

  • Samsung USB Flash Drive [ Amazon ] – This is the Flash Drive that I use for Flash Drive X (FDX). It’s low-profile USB stick with a metal chassis. I use these on all my AtGames Legends devices and have never had an issue with them.
  • Magnetic Cup Holder [ Amazon ] – Without a doubt, one of my favorite 3rd party accessories. This magnetic cup holder easily attaches to the Legends Pinball 4K leg using magnets. It holds the drink well and is large enough for most cup sizes.
  • 3 inch Threaded Stem Casters Set of 4 [ Amazon ] – I saw these on Arcade Talk & Star Wars Reviews and ordered a set to try out. Thanks TM!
  • ALP 4K “Thing” cup holder [ Etsy ] – I’ve not ordered this but saw others that have, I might wind up getting one later. It’s a 3D Printed cup holder with thing holding it up, pretty darn cool!

SSF Kit Installation (Optional Accessory)

Video: SSF Kit Install for the AtGames Legends 4K or FX Legends Pinball

The SSF Kit or Surround Sound Feedback is available from [ AtGames ] – The SSF kit supports the Legends 4K Pinball surround sound feedback feature and simulates the physical feedback of a real pinball machine. That is, you can hear the ball rolling on the playfield, the bumpers and an overall more realistic experience utilizing 9 speakers (5 part of this kit).

In the following tutorial we will install the AtGames SSF Kit into an Legends Pinball 4K (or FX Legends Pinball 4K) machine. Installation of this kit requires two people for safe assembly and was designed for the more technical DIY (Do It Yourself) user. The full written installation instructions may be found from the AtGames website.

Items Shown

SSF Install Tips

  • You may find it easier to use a small screwdriver or the screws for the exciter to punch holes through the protective backing in all four holes of the exciters. I didn’t, but the thought came later 🙂

*NOTE: Parts used in the SSF Kit will come from multiple sources/suppliers to meet production quantity requirements, yet each will maintain the same level of QA standards.

Cabinet Comparison (HD vs 4KP)

Below you’ll find the dimensions of the current Legends Pinball HD vs. the Legends Pinball 4KP.

Unboxing & Assembly

Video: AtGames Legends Pinball 4K: Unboxing & Assembly (Setup Part 1)
Shipping cartons

When the Legends Pinball 4KP ships, it will arrive in two boxes. The largest box contains the base or main playfield. The smaller box contains the pinball legs, hardware (screws, wingnuts, etc.) and the backbox itself. Assembly is fairly straightforward, however the video above and the guide below will assist with all the steps.

Below are the dimensions and weight of each box:

Large (Playfield)21.75″21.25″43.24″~83Lbs.
Smaller (Backbox)25.25″24.50″32.25″~55Lbs.

Hardware Included

The following hardware is included to fully assemble the Legends 4KP:

Included Hardware
  • 1 – x4 Wing Nuts (1 extra)
  • 2 – x2 Dowels (1 extra)
  • 3 – x8 Pinball Leg screws (1 extra)
  • 4 – Key to the Base backing
  • 5 – Allen wrench
  • 6 – Philips head screwdriver
  • Power cord (not shown)


  • Cut the three edges of the box. Open the box to see which end is the back of the machine and set that end of the box on a carpeted floor or rug vertically.
  • Gently slide the playfield out of the box and remove the packing material.
  • Open the box containing the backbox. Remove the box containing the pinball legs, box of hardware and the backbox itself.


*WARNING– Never attempt to unplug or plug-in any connections while powered-on. This may result in damage to the displays or main board. Always make sure the power to the machine is unplugged prior to assembly.

Step 1: Install Pinball Legs

  • Using the included Allen wrench, install x2 black screws (3) through the leg holes into the base assembly. Repeat for all four legs.
Install x2 black screws into each leg
  • With the help of a 2nd person, raise the machine up on all four legs.
  • Use the key to remove the back panel on the back of the playfield.

Step 2: Add Wooden Dowels

  • Insert x2 wooden dowels (2) into the holes on the top-back of the machine.
Insert two wooden dowels

Step 3: Remove Screws from Backbox

  • Place the backbox on a soft flat soft surface (screen facing down) and remove all 8 screws from the back.
  • Gently grab the silver handle and remove the back panel of the backbox.

Step 4: Install Backbox

  • Position the backbox upright, set it on the back top of the cabinet over the wooden dowels. Use the cutout in the middle of the backbox as a guide for the alignment.
  • Using x2 wingnuts (1), tighten each in the holes on the bottom of the backbox to secure the backbox to the base of the machine.
Install Wingnuts

Step 5: Feed cables

  • Feed all 5 cables from the bottom of the cabinet through the opening into the backbox. There is a 6th, that will be for the topper.
  • Remove the cable tie (or remove the rubber band) around the connectors, be careful not to cut into any of the cables.
  • Separate all the cables so you can clearly see the labels and cables.

Step 6: Install LVDS to Backglass

  • Insert the cable labeled for the LVDS connection (#1) to the backglass. The red wires on the white connector should be to the left, as indicated by the diagram posted directly above the connector.
Insert LVDS connector

Step 7: Connect Backglass Backlight Cable

  • Connect the two white connectors (#2) going to the backglass backlight.
Backglass backlight (power)

Step 8: Connect DMD LVDS Cable

  • Insert the keyed (small teeth on each end) #3 LVDS Cable to the DMD into the small green board (PCB) at the back. The connector is keyed and can only go one way.
Connect Data Cable

Step 9: Connect 4-Pin Speaker Cable

  • Connect the (#4) 4-pin speaker connection cable (larger black speaker connectors) until they lock into place.
Connect Speaker Wires

Step 10: Install Topper

  • Set the topper at an angle on the top of the backbox.
  • Feed the LED wire through the hole near the switch on the back of the backbox. Make sure the cable is all the way through the hole and set the topper flush to the top of the cabinet.
  • Install two Wingnuts (1) into the two holes on the top of the Topper to secure it into place.
Insert the two Wingnuts through the topper into the provided holes

Step 11: Connect Topper LED wires

  • Connect the two LED wires at the upper-left of the backbox (#5).

Step 12: Connect LED Adapter Cable

  • Connect the two smaller black connectors going to LED Adapter cable (#6).
Connect Marquee cable

Step 13: Install Back Panel to Base

  • Reinstall the back panel to the back of the base of the machine and lock it using the included Key (4). Turn the key counter-clockwise to lock it into position.

Step 14: Install Back Panel to Backbox

  • Reinstall the back panel to the backbox by securing all 8 screws to the back. Start with the screw at the top-middle until all have been re-installed.
Reinstall all 8 screws to the back panel of the backbox
  • Place the machine in a location that has a nearby power outlet.
  • Connect the included power cable to the back of the machine.
  • Flip the power switch at the bottom-right of the cabinet, near the front of the machine, to turn it on.
  • Remove all protective covers from the apron, playfield, topper and backglass.
  • That concludes the assembly process!


Navigating and playing tables on the Legends Pinball 4K is easy and intuitive. However, if this is your first experience with Legends Pinball, a simple explanation of the buttons will be helpful in getting started. Below you’ll find an image showing the front-facing view of the cabinet and a (right) side view. These are the main buttons you’ll use to when playing and navigating the machine.

The image and table below provides more detail about each of the specific functions:

Front / Right / Apron views of the cabinet
1Rewind/Back ButtonThe Rewind button will return to the previous option or go back.
2Forward Nudge ButtonWhile in-game, this button will nudge the table forward. While in the menu, it is used to navigate into a selected menu option.
3Start/Play ButtonThe Start button will start a game or select an option.
4Menu/AtGames buttonWhile in-game, this button will display the menu for the game. When in the menu system, this button will display notifications.
5PlungerPull back and release to launch a ball.
6Nudge ButtonThere is a left and right nudge button. Press either to nudge the ball left or right during a game.
7Flipper ButtonThere is a left and right flipper button. While in a game, pressing the button will engage the flipper. Press either flipper to navigate an option in the menu system.
8D-PadWhile in the menu system, you can use the 4 directions of the D-pad to navigate in the corresponding direction. In-game, the d-pad may also be used to nudge the table.

Initial Setup

Video: AtGames Legends Pinball 4K: Initial Setup Tutorial (Part 2)

After Unboxing / Assembling and powering on your machine, you’ll be greeted with the Setup Wizard. In the sections below, we’ll step through the Setup Wizard and Day One Update.

Setup Wizard
  1. Privacy Policy – When you first power on your Legends Pinball 4K machine, you’ll see a brief intro. Once it completes, you’ll be greeted with the Welcome screen. This Setup Wizard will step you through getting your machine up and running. Scroll down to the bottom by holding the d-pad down. Once at the bottom, press the Start/Play button on the front of the cabinet to accept the privacy policy.
  2. Network Setup – you can connect an Ethernet/LAN cable to the back of the machine or use Wi-fi.
    • Wired LAN Connection – If you’ll be using a wired LAN or Ethernet cable, go ahead and plug it in now. Once done, click the Continue button.
    • Wi-Fi – If you’ll be using Wi-Fi, select SETUP WI-FI.
      • The machine will search for available Wi-Fi networks and display a list. If yours doesn’t appear immediately, just give it a little more time.
      • Now, select your Wi-Fi network name using the d-pad and then press the Play button to select it.
      • You’ll then select Enter Wi-Fi Password using the d-pad and Play button, enter the password for your network/SSID. Then, select Done.
      • Now Select Connect to connect to your network. Once connected, you should see a connection successful message. Just select Back, then Back again.
      • Move down to Continue and select that option.
  3. Time Settings – Now we’ll assign our time zone by selecting Setup Time Zone.
    • Select Time Zone.
    • Select your location and then Confirm.
    • If you prefer a 24 hour clock, you can change that here also.
    • Then, select Continue.
  4. Account Setup – You will need a Legends ID which is an account you create with AtGames. This will allow us to upload our high scores to the leaderboard, download additional purchased tables and much more. Just click the Setup Account button if you don’t already have an account.
    • If you already have a Legends ID that you use with another AtGames Legends device, you can select Sign in with Legends ID.
    • From here, you can create your own Legends ID. Alpha numeric and a few special characters can be used. I recommend keeping it easy to remember. Then also enter your e-mail address and your password twice. Once done, select the SUBMIT button.
    • Now check your e-mail. If you don’t see the account creation e-mail immediately, check your Spam folder.
    • In the confirmation e-mail, you can either enter the code directly on the machine or just click the Confirm my Legends Account link. Then, select the Confirm your account button.
    • Back on the Legends Pinball 4K, you can now simply select SIGN IN WITH LEGENDS ID, enter your Legends ID, password and select SIGN IN.
    • Once Logged in, select Back.
  5. Flash Drive X (FDX) – FDX is Flash Drive X, this is a method of increasing the available storage on your machine. For more information on FDX, please see here.
    • That’s it, we’re done with the Setup Wizard. Next we’ll perform the Day-1 update.
  6. Auto Firmware Update – After completing the Setup Wizard (above), you’ll see a dialog indicating a firmware update is available. The entire process will take around 15 minutes.
    • Firmware Update – Press the Start / Play button to begin the update. The update download will begin.
    • Once downloaded, the machine will automatically reboot.
    • The new firmware will get applied (may take ~7 minutes).
    • Once done, press the Play button again to reboot or wait for the timer to expire.
  7. Component Update – The machine will then search for Components to update. If an update is found, press the Play button to perform the component update.
    • Once done, press the Play button again to restart the machine.
    • The screen will remain black for awhile after the intro video plays, be patient.
    • You’ll then see Loading and the Day One Update has now been successfully applied.
  8. ArcadeNet Promo You will be asked if you want to switch from the Basic ArcadeNet plan or the Standard plan. ArcadeNet for Legends Pinball 4K will be released at a later time. For now, select REMIND ME LATER and press the Play button.
    • Your machine now has all the latest updates!

Table Game Play

Below are a number of short videos that demonstrate the playfield gameplay of each of the tables. For these shorts, I’ve mounted the camera directly above the 4KP, facing down onto the playfield to get a full view of each of the tables (backbox and DMD won’t be visible in these videos). Each short video was recorded/rendered in UHD 4K 60fps:

*NOTE – If you aren’t viewing on a 4K monitor or TV, the video shown won’t be an accurate reproduction.

Core Tables

Click the bold title for a one minute short video of each table. The Core tables are those tables that are included with every Legends 4KP sold, regardless of the theme. All Tables listed here were developed by the talented Magic Pixel team.

(Natural History 1)
Dinosaur Dynasty
(Natural History 1)
(Natural History 1)
Last Ice Age
(Natural History 1)
Battle Deluxe
(Zaccaria Deluxe)
Cine Star Deluxe
(Zaccaria Deluxe)
Farfalla Deluxe
(Zaccaria Deluxe)
House of Diamonds Deluxe
(Zaccaria Deluxe)
Pool Champion Deluxe
(Zaccaria Deluxe)
Robot Deluxe
(Zaccaria Deluxe)
Red Show Deluxe
(Zaccaria Deluxe)
Spooky Deluxe
(Zaccaria Deluxe)
Strike Deluxe
(Zaccaria Deluxe)
Universe Deluxe
(Zaccaria Deluxe)

Zen Studios Tables

Click the bold title for a one minute short video of each table. All Tables listed here were developed by the talented Zen Studios team and are Pinball FX tables running directly on the Legends Pinball 4K machine.

Williams Pinball The Addams Family™
(Get this Table)
Peanuts’ Snoopy Pinball
(Get this table)
Star Trek™ Pinball Deep Space Nine
(Get the StarTrek Pack)
Star Trek™ Pinball Discovery
(Get the StarTrek Pack)
Star Trek™ Pinball The Kelvin Timeline
(Get the StarTrek Pack)
Williams™ Pinball Star Trek™: The Next Generation
(Get this Table)
Williams™ Pinball: Attack from Mars™
(Get this Table)
Williams™ Pinball: The Twilight Zone
(Get this Table)
Williams™ Pinball: World Cup Soccer
(Get this Table)
DreamWorks Dragons Pinball
(Get DreamWorks Pack)
DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda Pinball
(Get DreamWorks Pack)
DreamWorks Trolls Pinball
(Get DreamWorks Pack)

Dr. Seuss Tables

Click the bold title for a one minute short video of each table. All Tables listed here were developed by the talented Magic Pixel team.

Cat In The Hat
(Get this Pack – Dr. Seuss Pinball Pack 1)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
(Get this Pack – Dr. Seuss Pinball Pack 1)
Fox in Socks
(Get this Pack – Dr. Seuss Pinball Pack 1)
Green Eggs and Ham
(Get this Pack – Dr. Seuss Pinball Pack 2)
Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
(Get this Pack – Dr. Seuss Pinball Pack 2)
Dr. Seuss’s ABC
(Get this Pack – Dr. Seuss Pinball Pack 2)
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
(Get this Pack – Dr. Seuss Pinball Pack 2)

TAITO Tables

Click the bold title for a one minute short video of each table. All Tables listed here were developed by the talented Magic Pixel team.

(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 3)
Space Invaders
(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 1)
Zoo Keeper
(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 2)
The Legend of KAGE
(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 3)
Bubble Bobble
(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 3)
Chack’N Pop
(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 2)
(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 1)
Elevator Action
(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 2)
Front Line
(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 1)
Operation Wolf
(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 2)
Rainbow Islands
(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 3)
Rastan Saga
(Get this Pack – TAITO Pack 1)

Zaccaria Tables

Click the bold title for a one minute short video of each table. All Tables listed here were developed by the talented Magic Pixel team. Many more Zaccaria tables remain to be added and will be as time permits.

(Get this Pack – Zaccaria Volume 1)
Aerobatics Retro
(Get this Pack – Zaccaria Volume 1)
Beast Master
(Get this Pack – Zaccaria Volume 1)
(Get this Pack – Zaccaria Volume 1)
Blackbelt Retro
(Get this Pack – Zaccaria Volume 1)
(Get this Pack – Zaccaria Volume 1)
(Get this Pack – Zaccaria Volume 1)
Cine Star
(Get this Pack – Zaccaria Volume 1)
(Get this Pack – Zaccaria Volume 1)
Circus 2017/Remake
(Get this Pack – Zaccaria Volume 1)
Circus Retro
(Get this Pack – Zaccaria Volume 1)

Gottlieb Tables

Click the bold title for a one minute short video of each table. All Tables listed here were developed by the talented Far Sight Studios team.

Al’s Garage Band Goes on a World Tour™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 1)
Big Shot™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 1)
Black Hole™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 1)
Centigrade 37™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 1)
Cue Ball Wizard™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 2)
Goin’ Nuts™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 2)
Jacks Open™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 2)
Lights… Camera… Action!™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 2)
TX Sector™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 2)
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 2)
Cactus Jacks™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 3)
Central Park™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 3)
Class Of 1812™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 3)
El Dorado: City Of Gold™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 3)
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 3)
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 4)
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 4)
Haunted House™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 4)
Pistol Poker™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 4)
Rescue 911™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 4)
Teed Off™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 4)
Bone Busters Inc.™
(Get this Pack – Pinball Pack 1)


For a detailed reference of all the Legends Pinball 4KP Settings, please visit the Legends Pinball 4KP Settings guide.

Mini Tutorials

The following provides procedures and customization information that you may find helpful.

Adjust Haptics

If you’re feeling an excessive amount of vibration coming from the front of the machine, or none at all, this can easily be adjusted with the following:

  1. Press the Vol + (or -) on the Volume button located at the top-right corner of the playfield.
  2. Quickly (within 3 seconds), press and hold either the Vol + or Vol – button on the panel to increase or decrease the haptic strength.
  3. After about 3 seconds, the overlay at the bottom will disappear and your adjustment will take immediate effect.

Adjust Solenoids During Navigation

The defaults for the machine are to have the solenoids fire while navigating the left/right options using the flippers. I recommend turning this option off during navigation as it can be distracting. However, we’ll leave solenoids on (firing) during game play. Here’s how:

  1. Select Settings Haptic Feedback.
  2. Using the D-pad, set the first option from Enable (ON) to Disable (OFF).
  3. Now, while using the flippers for navigating left or right, the solenoids won’t fire.

Adjust Display Brightness

You can adjust the brightness level of all 3 displays to some preset values (LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH), however you can also set each to a custom value, if you prefer. Here’s how:

  1. Select Settings UI Settings.
  3. Select option LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH based on your preference to set each display to a pre-defined value. However, you can also select CUSTOM and adjust each display individually, for example:
    • Playfield screen, Backglass screen or DMD screen can each be adjusted in 5% increments using the d-pad to navigate to the option and press left/right on the d-pad to change the value.

Factory Reset

If you need to perform a factory reset, please see the following steps:

  1. Hold down Both Left Flipper + Left Nudge buttons.
  2. Power on machine.
  3. Press the START button.
  4. The factory reset will then begin.

OTG Setup

Videos forthcoming as they become available.

OTG Guides

The following guides are available to assist with OTG Setup:

  • Legends Pinball 4K OTG PC Setup Guide – This guide will assist with what OTG is, the basic Hardware/Software Configuration and additional relevant information. The links below will jump to specific sections of the OTG Guide:
    • Quick Start – This will assist in getting started quickly, allow you to easily skip over what you already know with links for more details.
    • Hardware – Not sure what hardware is needed? This section has some suggestions and several community members have shared their PC recommendations to help (thank you to those who helped with this!)
    • Software Configuration – Looking for details on how to setup your Windows PC for OTG, this section will assist with that.
    • Button Mapping – This section covers the button mapping aspects using Xpadder and why I prefer using it.
    • Windows 11 SSF Support Setup – This section will describe how to setup 7.1 surround sound in Windows with the SSF kit.
  • Pinball FX & M Setup – This section will assist with the setup and configuration of Zen Studios Pinball FX and Pinball M.
  • Pinball FX3 (by TampaTec) – In this video, TampaTec demonstrates how to setup your PC to run Pinball FX3 on the Legends Pinball 4KP.
  • VPX / Future Pinball – Coming soonish 🙂

Legends Pinball 4K Latency

*NOTE – Please see here for a video that demonstrates all the numbers below. This video will remain unlisted (i.e. not public) as it is likely to change.

In the The Addams Family: AtGames Legends Pinball 4KP PRODUCTION Game Play video, I reported that the latency at the time of my test was 116ms which was 100% accurate, at the time. However, AtGames and Zen Studios improved the performance since that initial test was performed, about a week later. To identify the latency in The Addams Family table, I showed a frame-by-frame analysis of when the flipper button is pressed, my finger began to leave the button to the time the flipper began to move on-screen. I used a millisecond timer for that. Both the recorded video and the timer were set to 10% of the normal speed to show the frames of movement. It reported 116ms, slightly higher than 1/10th of a second. I also stated that I played the best game of The Addams Family I ever have, which is also a true statement. For clarification, Lag = Latency, they are the same thing. For reference please see Wikipedia (first paragraph).

There is an improvement with sound playback, specifically the digital flipper’s sound, that is needed. It doesn’t play the sound (Zen tables) at the exact moment of button press but rather when the flipper reaches its final position. As a result, there is a perceived delay due to the extended movement of the flipper however the solenoids are correctly producing the sound (it really is the same as a real mechanical pinball’s flipper mechanism). I’ve reached out to AtGames for additional clarification on this and will update once I hear back.

I’ve been asked if those test results are the same now that the Legends Pinball 4KP is actually shipping? Well, they aren’t. The latency in The Addams Family has actually improved with the production release. Below, I’ll report on the latency latest test results. When noticeable improvements occur in the future, I’ll update this table:

Test Results Last Updated: 02/28/2024

Table NameTable VersionDeveloperType (Native / OTG)Firmware Version*Flipper Latency (in milliseconds)
Amazonia1.11.1-4KMagic PixelNative6.0.5 Live v2.16.116ms
Strike Deluxe1.11.1-4KMagic PixelNative6.0.5 Live v2.16.116ms
The Addams Family1.0.1073Zen StudiosNative6.0.5 Live v2.16.183ms
Peanuts’ Snoopy Pinball1.0.1074Zen StudiosNative6.0.5 Live v2.16.166ms
Gottlieb Haunted Housepre-releaseFar Sight StudiosNative6.0.5 Live v2.16.133ms
Gloomhaven Pinballn/aZen StudiosOTG6.0.5 Live v2.16.1116ms
* All results above may be seen in this video.

Fun and Easy Mods

Below are some simple mods you can use to make your Legends Pinball 4K or FX Legends 4K -your own! Have a great mode idea or have created one? Let me know.

The end result – looks great!

Thing Mod

If you have The Addams Family cabinet, here’s a fun mod that will take just about 10 min. to assemble. First, you’ll need a few things, actually let me re-phrase that, you’ll need one thing and some other stuff 🙂

Items I used

  • Thing (made of a soft flexible latex) – Picked it up on Amazon with a 20% off coupon at around $15 (it’s now ~$10). It’s made of latex, likely foam rubber inside, very soft and flexible. If it were to fall, it would just bounce.
  • Black Screw Eye Hooks – I’d recommend getting them at your local hardware store, it may be cheaper. The pack I bought has 100 pieces and 6 different sized. I figured I could use them around the house at some point. Here is what I ordered.
  • Black String – Honestly don’t know why I bought these. I attached 3 to each other to make them work. I’d recommend just getting some black string from a hardware store or perhaps even a local dollar store.

Put it together

  1. Take a small hook and twist Thing into the screw end. May want to add a little bit of glue for additional support around the outside (I didn’t). I placed it on the back of the wrist, but you might prefer another location.
  2. Take a piece of string and tie it to the small hole in the hook.
  3. Position Thing where you want it (i.e. hanging off the topper maybe) and tie the other end off on one of the wingnuts securing the topper. This will also act as a reminder to remove Thing before removing the topper.
Thing is flexible and soft
Locate a small hook screw
Twist Thing around the small hook screw until it’s secure

Cousin Itt

I ordered Cousin Itt from Amazon (~$22 USD) and added Itt to the topper. It’s a little larger than I thought, but still worked out well. All that was done is to tie a black string to Cousin Itt’s left arm and wrap it around the far-left wingnut (left, if facing the machine) and it stayed in place behind the topper as the wingnut is close to the back of the topper.

Cousin Itt on the desk
Cousin Itt peeking over the topper
Cousin Itt and Thing hang’n on the 4KP

EVT Video Series

Below you’ll find all the video content created for the Legends Pinball 4KP EVT (pre-production) Series. This 5-part series covered an early version of the Legends Pinball 4KP and provided here fore easier reference. You can find the full dedicated guide and everything learned about the ALP 4KP EVT here. The key content in each of these videos will eventually be replaced with the production model of the Legends Pinball 4K machine.

Part 1: Hardware Tour

Video: AtGames Legends 4K EVT Hardware Tour (PART 1)

The AtGames Legends Pinball 4K is the next generation of the popular Legends Pinball virtual pinball machine. In the video below, we’ll explore the 4KP hardware from this v1.0 EVT pre-production model. At present, the v1.1 and a v1.2 has been built and will have slight differences than what is shown here (see differences). We’re definitely getting closer to the full production model!

Part 2: Software Tour

Video: AtGames Legends 4K EVT Software Tour (PART 2)

In the video to the right, we’ll take a closer look at the software aspects of the Legends Pinball 4KP. That is, the new CE-4K user interface, Settings, how the displays look, play some games and get a good idea of the differences between the HD and 4K models!

Part 3: OTG

Video: The Future of Pinball? AtGames Legends 4K EVT OTG (PART 3)

In the video to the right, we’ll take a look at using OTG to connect a laptop to the Legends Pinball 4KP. We’ll locate a machine to use for testing, set it up, go over some important configuration aspects and play some tables. After checking out Pinball FX, VPX and Future Pinball at the end of each gameplay session we’ll also measure the latency. This is a topic that many have asked for and covered in detail below.

Items you may need

  • PC/Laptop – If you want to run the playfield in 4K, you’ll need a relatively powerful PC/Laptop+GPU. In this video, I picked up this machine while on-sale at Best Buy (open box). A few things I’ve learned since the video, I can adjust the performance level using the Armoury Crate software so the fans aren’t blaring during game play. This machine is overkill, but performs extremely well in my testing. I’ve since upgraded it with 64GB of RAM and x2 4TB SSD’s. Comment in a video if you’d like to see how that was done. *NOTE – I do have an odd issue with the audio from this laptop (hoping it’s a software issue that will be corrected in an Windows 11 update). Sometimes I have to go into the sound settings, change/set the audio frequency then launch Pinball FX for the audio playback to work.
  • Laptop Docking Station Dual Monitor 4K@120Hz (USB-C) – I picked up a few of these Baseus Laptop Docking Stations, they work decently but are USB-C. If your PC/Laptop doesn’t have a USB-C port, this won’t work for you. I actually used the HDMI output for the backglass and DMD over USB to a separate adapter that I’ve used for a few years (no longer available). But, I could have also used the HDMI output from this docking station also.
  • OTG Cable – I always use the UGREEN USB-A to USB-A cables on both the ALP HD and ALP 4K. I have several of these and they have worked out well. Be aware if you using an Insignia (Best Buy) OTG cable, some have had issues (on the ALP HD).
  • x3 HDMI Cables (support 4k@60Hz) – For the HDMI cables, you’ll need three of them. One for the Playfield, Backglass and DMD displays. Make sure the cables are rated for 4K and 60Hz. I often use these.

Part 4: Gameplay & Farewell

Video: The Future of Pinball? Farewell AtGames Legends Pinball 4K EVT(PART 4)

This is the final episode of the AtGames Legends Pinball 4K EVT. In this episode, we’ll play 14 included tables on this engineering sample unit and box the machine up to be returned to AtGames.

Part 5: AtGames + Zen Partnership

Video: AtGames + Zen Studios Partner to bring Pinball FX to the Legends Pinball 4KP

AtGames and Zen Studios have partnered to bring Pinball FX to the AtGames Legends 4K product line! In the video at the right, we’ll discuss the press release and details of what this all means. The original PR may be found at AtGames and Zen Studios Partnership Announcement PR .


  1. I’m having a problem that appears to be hardware-related, what do I do? Answer: Please contact AtGames Customer Service (CS). There is a purple chat icon in the lower-right where you can chat with someone live during normal business hours. I’ve used this a few times and typically get someone in about 3min. or less. Additionally, you can fill out the form and submit a ticket, you should receive a response within 24-48 hours.
  2. There is a lot of vibration on the apron, how do I fix this? Answer: Please see this mini-tutorial to adjust the haptics to your preference.
  3. The solenoids are firing during navigation (pressing flippers), is there a way to turn this off? Answer: Yes, please see this mini-tutorial.
  4. This display (or displays) aren’t bright enough for my preference, how can I adjust them? Answer: You can adjust the brightness levels using some presets or custom for each. Please see here for a mini-tutorial on how to adjust the brightness.
  5. I’m seeing flipper lag/latency with Zen tables, what’s the latest on this? Answer: Please see here.
  6. The DMD display doesn’t look right, what can I do? Answer: Power off the ALP 4K and unplug it from the back. Leave it off for about 30min-4 hours, then plug it back in and see if that corrects the issue. If not, see #1 (above).
  7. After setting up my ALP4k, I’m getting an error that states “Solo Mode: Offline Mode is active on another device or this game is being played on another device. Disable Offline Mode or exit this game on the other device to enable access on this device”. What do I do? Answer: It’s likely an update that was missed. Please re-run each of the updates as discussed here.
  8. I’m having trouble with one of my displays, how can I fix it? Check out Paul’s video here for several troubleshooting steps that may help. -Thanks Paul!

OTG Troubleshooting

  1. I have a high-end PC connected to the ALP 4K, however at times the flippers won’t react to the button presses periodically. 95% of the time it’s great, but sometimes it will seem to not respond, how do I fix this? Answer: A viewer that encountered this issue stated: Using a powered USB hub seems to remedy this issue. PC to hub to 4KP. No more micro stutters. Credit to Bryan G. for this tip!
  2. I’ve installed the Arcade Control Panel (ACP) and it’s not being recognized over OTG, why? Answer: At present, there is an issue with this that AtGames is working on. The ACP works fine natively, but isn’t detected in Windows when in OTG. There should be an update to correct this available soon.

Change Log

  • 2024-06-13 – Add additional Zen Titles here.
  • 2024-05-23 – Added The Twilight Zone here.
  • 2024-05-21 – Added StarTrek TNG and Attack from Mars here.
  • 2024-04-20 – Added StarTrek Zen Tables here.
  • 2024-04-15 – Added Paul’s Display Troubleshooting video here (#8).
  • 2024-03-26 – Added all 22 Gottlieb short videos here.
  • 2024-03-23 – Start to adding the Gottlieb tables section. Short videos forthcoming.
  • 2024-03-10 – Added Zaccaria vol 1 short videos. All volumes will be added, eventually.
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  • 2024-02-09Revised the SSF Kit installation video, due to a few things: In the original video, step #7 showed the cable installed backwards. It’s not an issue electrically, but just the color of the wires. Also, adjusted the step #’s to match the latest install PDF. It’s all minor stuff, but want to make sure this video is 100% accurate.
  • 2024-02-07 – Added additional Troubleshooting item.
  • 2024-02-05 – Added Cousin It mod.
  • 2024-02-03 – Added a new OTG Troubleshooting section for OTG-specific issues.
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  • 2024-01-24 – Various updates in the Initial Setup section to coincide with the next video. Minor cleanup in other areas that needed a little more explanation.
  • 2024-01-23 – Added a new section for the Initial Setup (covers the Setup Wizard and Day One Update).
  • 2024-01-22 – Added a Troubleshooting section to assist with some potential areas that may be helpful. Added the Pinball FX3 subreddit to the Resources section.
  • 2024-01-21 – Updated image during assembly of the legs. Changed the Customization heading to Mini Tutorials. Moved Settings above Mini Tutorials. Removed Latest Updates section, information there was no longer relevant. Added Adjust Haptics, Adjust Solenoids During Navigation and Adjust Brightness under Mini Tutorials. Moved the EVT Series content towards the bottom as it will become less and less relevant.
  • 2024-01-20 – Added links to the Core Tables section to play short videos of each table. Updated Navigation section artwork (production model). Added additional artwork to fill out the page better.
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