AtGames Legends Pinball 4K Guide

Last Update: 11/19/2023

Video: AtGames Legends 4KP SSF Kit First Look, Arcade Control Panel and more
The Addams Family™ Standard Edition Cabinet

The Legends 4KP is the latest version of the Legends Pinball line developed by AtGames. The Legends Pinball 4KP (Standard Edition) features The Addams Family™ themed pinball cabinet and also includes the Zen Studios pinball table. In addition, there are 14 additional popular AtGames exclusive and Zaccaria Deluxe pinball tables that are pre-installed with the machine for a total of 15 tables (see here for a full list).

While The Addams Family™ themed cabinet is considered a Standard Edition cabinet, there will be additional Standard Edition cabinets beyond this cabinet artwork. Once they are known, I’ll update accordingly. In addition to the Standard Edition cabinets, there will be an additional category of Collector’s Edition Cabinets (or CEP’s). A CEP cabinet will be a limited-run machine, typically limited to 5,000 units unless otherwise specified. Once they sell out, that’s it. No more will be produced. At the time of this writing, no CEP’s have been announced.

That said, using the information for The Addams Family™ themed Standard Edition cabinet, let’s go over some of the primary features, such as:

  • Fast RK3588 CPU built-in – This CPU allows playing hundreds of tables developed by AtGames, Magic Pixel, Zen Studios, Gottlieb and others directly on the machine.
  • 32″ 4K Playfield – The playfield display can render images at 3840×2160 (4K UHD) resolution.
  • Large 23.8″ Backglass Display – The backglass display will allow you to see the table artwork easily on the large screen. Lighted animations occur to provide a realistic pinball experience.
  • Dedicated 8″ DMD – An 8″ dedicated DMD is positioned directly below the Backglass display and provides scoring and additional information during the game or when selecting a table.
  • 3.5″ Speakers – There are two large speakers to the left/right of the DMD.
  • Solenoids / Haptic Feedback / Accelerometer Solenoids are built-in to the machine, that is when you press the flipper buttons you’ll hear/feel the sounds of the flipper. Haptic feedback provides the vibration effect to simulate on-screen activity. The Accelerometer is used for physically nudging the table, just as you would a physical pinball machine.
  • Expandable – Should you wish to connect a PC, Steam Deck, ROG Ally or similar device to your ALP 4K machine, you certainly can. It can also utilize 3 different inputs for all 3 of the built-in displays. Connecting an OTG (On-The-Go) cable or USB-A to USB-A cable, you can use the ALP 4K’s buttons to control the action using the buttons from the machine. This allows you to run any virtual pinball package available on your Legends Pinball 4K.
  • New CE-4K interface – The interface has been completely redesigned to provide a more natural and easy-to-use experience. However, if you prefer a tiled interface, that option also exists in the UI Settings.
  • Topper and Builder’s Plate – Each machine includes a custom Topper to reflect the table theme as well as a Builder’s Plate which identifies the manufacture date and the unique unit number of the machine.

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Here we’ll discuss some questions that have been received about the Legends Pinball 4KP cabinets:

  1. What is the height of The Addams Family (Standard Edition) cabinet with the topper? A: It’s about 79″ tall. Also, the topper itself is 22.25″ wide and about 12.25″ tall from the top of the backbox to highest point on the topper.
  2. Can I use the cabinet without the topper? A: Yes
  3. Where can I find the videos and content for the Legends Pinball EVT (pre-production) model? Answer: you can find the Legends Pinball 4KP EVT page here.
  4. Is the original Arcade Control Panel (ACP) be compatible with this cabinet? Answer: Yes, the current ACP will be compatible with the Legends 4K series.
  5. Do the exciters work in conjunction with the solenoids? Answer: Haptic speakers and solenoids both work and you’re able to turn either off or both off through the menu.
  6. What is the refresh rate of the playfield display? Answer: 60Hz
  7. Will previous games / game packs be playable on this machine? Answer: Packs will be ported to Legends 4K Format to support (a) CE-4K OS, (b) optimized CPU/graphic power, (c) 4K playfield, HD backglass, HD DMD, and (d) SSF Kit data. They will be sold separately. HD packs will not run on Legends 4K Format.
  8. Is there noticeable latency with OTG? Answer: Answered in this video.
  9. Will any future pinball packs require the 4k model or will all future pinball packs work on the standard hardware? Answer: Legends HD and Legends 4K Format will not be compatible. All future first party tables will be released in both formats (Legends HD and Legends 4K).
  10. Is head tracking to subtly change the view of the playfield a thing in virtual pinball? Answer: (Jon: I’ve seen an Xbox Kinect being used to accomplish this type of effect with a PC for virtual pinball. More to explore on this at some later time)
  11. If you have the PC or other source that worked on the HD version, can you play them on this 4K version in HD? Answer: Yes, you can connect via OTG to the x3 HDMI Input ports + x1 USB 2.0 cable (OTG) to play HD tables on the 4K display (at 1080p).
  12. What is CE-4K? Answer: CE-4K is the complete redesign of the Legends ecosystem built from the ground up. At the core of this design, the focus is on an open and connected platform, providing the user with the latest and greatest features and games. Following the industry standards, CE-4K will require periodic mandatory updates to ensure the system is up and running at the optimal capacity while introducing new features, games, and experiences. Like other gaming platforms, Call of Duty, for example, CE-4K will notify the user of required updates and will prompt the user to begin the process. If the user chooses to delay the update, they can still enjoy their legends device by playing games locally without any online features. Once all mandatory updates are complete, the online system features will be updated and restored.
  13. Where can I find a comparison of the ALP HD and the ALP 4KP? Answer: Please see here.

Latest Updates

2023-11-06 – AtGames has announced additional changes that will be made to the Legends Pinball 4KP. Below is the statement from AtGames and render of the changes:

Dear Legends Arcade Family Products Owner,

Our design team has been hard at work refining and tweaking the final product and we have some exciting new changes to share.

  1. Updated Marquee – Included The Addams Family™ Logo on the back display now
  2. Light Up Topper – Added LED’s to illuminate the Topper (Yay!)
  3. Coin Door + Builder’s Plate – Moved to the middle of the panel
  4. Custom Speaker Grilles – A very nice cobweb detail added
  5. Legends Pinball 4KP Logo moved down to the control panel

All of these great additions will make for an incredible family fun experience you will enjoy for years and years. Rest assured that our factory is working overtime to get these units out as fast as possible, but these changes will add some additional time to our delivery timeframe.

The bulk of our first wave orders will still ship between 12-25-23 thru 01-31-24 and in cases where some orders ship into February 2024, we will notify you in December and give you the option to cancel the order and receive a full refund.

Render of the changes


The following resources are available for the Legends 4KP for additional information. As more become available, they will be added.

Facebook Groups

Helpful Tips

Below are some tips that may be helpful with your Legends Pinball 4K machine:

  • After I lose a ball, in a Magic Pixel table, there is an animation that appears summarizing the scores. Can I skip past this? Yes, if you press and hold the Left+Right flippers at the same time while the animation is playing it will skip it. You may need to take your fingers off the flippers and press both again once or twice. This also works with tables running on the Legends Pinball HD.

Where to Buy

The Addams Family Legends Pinball 4KP is the Standard Edition cabinet and artwork. Preorders are now going on for the Legends Pinball 4KP priced at $1,499.99.

*NOTE– There will be additional cabinets released in the future as Collector’s Edition Pinball (CEP’s) and limited to 5,000 units each – PR here. At this time, we don’t know what cabinets will be available, pricing, options, etc.

Below are the known pre-order/purchasing locations:

(AtGames pre-orders)

Table Editions

AtGames has announced 3 themed cabinets in the form of the Legends Pinball 4KP and FX Editions. Below you’ll find a quick summary of what tables are included with links to the preorder pages for each:

Cabinet Table EditionArtworkCabinet Summary
The Addams Family™ Legends Pinball 4KP Standard Edition (Preorder here)The Addams Family™ Zen Studios themed artworkThe Addams Family™ + Core Tables (15 total tables)
Dinosaur Dynasty Legends Pinball 4KP Standard Edition (Preorder here)Dinosaur Dynasty themed artwork. Trailer video.Core Tables (including Dinosaur Dynasty 18 total tables). Tables releasing in 2024 and also included with this machine are: Natural History 2 – Antarctica, Africa, Deep Ocean & Egypt.
Peanuts FX Legends Pinball Collector’s Edition (Preorder here)Peanuts Zen Studios themed artworkPeanuts Snoopy Pinball + Core Tables (15 total tables)

Core Tables

The following tables are included with cabinets identified above that indicate they include Core Tables.

Themed Table(s)AmazoniaBattle DeluxeCine Star DeluxeDinosaur Dynasty
ExoplanetsFarfalla DeluxeHouse of Diamonds DeluxePool Champion DeluxeRed Show Deluxe
Robot DeluxeSpooky DeluxeStrike DeluxeThe Last Ice AgeUniverse Deluxe

Add-On Table Packs

For a full list of available add-on 4K table packs, please see the AtGames site.


Below are a number of accessories that are available for the AtGames Legends Pinball 4K:

1st Party

The following accessories are available directly from AtGames and additional authorized resellers:

  • Arcade Control Panel [ AtGames | Amazon ]- The Arcade Control Panel provides the ability to add 6 additional buttons, a trackball and joystick to the apron area of the machine.
Arcade Control Panel (ACP)

The Arcade Control Panel that you currently own, or purchase separately will work with the Legends Pinball 4KP. I personally installed and tried it. I’m able to navigate the tables using the Joystick in all directions. All button actions are: A=Start/Select, B=Back, C=Favorite, X=Navigate Left, Y=Navigate Right and Z=Scroll wheel. The default mapping could change prior to release, but this is how they are mapped at present.

  • SSF / Surround Sound Feedback (Kit) [ AtGames ] – The SSF kit supports the Legends 4K Pinball surround sound feedback feature. It simulates the physical feedback of a real pinball machine. That is, you can hear the ball rolling on the playfield, the bumpers and an overall more realistic experience. *NOTE: Parts used in the SSF Kit will come from multiple sources/suppliers to meet production quantity requirements, yet each will maintain the same level of QA standards.

3rd Party

The accessories here are available from 3rd party resellers and work well with your Legends Pinball 4K machine.

  • Magnetic Cup Holder [ Amazon ] – Without a doubt, one of my favorite 3rd party accessories. This magnetic cup holder easily attaches to the Legends Pinball 4K leg using magnets. It holds the drink well and is large enough for most cup sizes.

EVT Video Series

Below you’ll find all the video content created thus far for the Legends Pinball 4KP EVT (pre-production) Series. This 5-part series covered an early version of the Legends Pinball 4KP and provided here fore easier reference. You can find the full dedicated guide and everything learned about the ALP 4KP EVT here.

Part 1: Hardware Tour

Video: AtGames Legends 4K EVT Hardware Tour (PART 1)

The AtGames Legends Pinball 4K is the next generation of the popular Legends Pinball virtual pinball machine. In the video below, we’ll explore the 4KP hardware from this v1.0 EVT pre-production model. At present, the v1.1 and a v1.2 has been built and will have slight differences than what is shown here (see differences). We’re definitely getting closer to the full production model!

Part 2: Software Tour

Video: AtGames Legends 4K EVT Software Tour (PART 2)

In the video to the right, we’ll take a closer look at the software aspects of the Legends Pinball 4KP. That is, the new CE-4K user interface, Settings, how the displays look, play some games and get a good idea of the differences between the HD and 4K models!

Part 3: OTG

Video: The Future of Pinball? AtGames Legends 4K EVT OTG (PART 3)

In the video to the right, we’ll take a look at using OTG to connect a laptop to the Legends Pinball 4KP. We’ll locate a machine to use for testing, set it up, go over some important configuration aspects and play some tables. After checking out Pinball FX, VPX and Future Pinball at the end of each gameplay session we’ll also measure the latency. This is a topic that many have asked for and covered in detail below.

Part 4: Gameplay & Farewell

Video: The Future of Pinball? Farewell AtGames Legends Pinball 4K EVT(PART 4)

This is the final episode of the AtGames Legends Pinball 4K EVT. In this episode, we’ll play 14 included tables on this engineering sample unit and box the machine up to be returned to AtGames.

Part 5: AtGames + Zen Partnership

Video: AtGames + Zen Studios Partner to bring Pinball FX to the Legends Pinball 4KP

AtGames and Zen Studios have partnered to bring Pinball FX to the AtGames Legends 4K product line! In the video at the right, we’ll discuss the press release and details of what this all means. The original PR may be found at AtGames and Zen Studios Partnership Announcement PR .

Cabinet Comparison (HD vs 4KP)

Below you’ll find the dimensions of the current Legends Pinball HD vs. the Legends Pinball 4KP.

Unboxing & Assembly

Shipping cartons

When the Legends Pinball 4KP ships, it will arrive in two boxes. The largest box contains the base or main playfield. The smaller box contains the pinball legs, hardware (screws, wingnuts, etc.) and the backbox itself. Assembly is easy, however, it is recommended to have two people available when moving/setting up the machine.

Below are the dimensions of the boxes:

Large (Playfield)21.75″21.25″43.24″
Smaller (Backbox)25.25″24.50″32.25″

Hardware Included

The following hardware is included to fully assemble the Legends 4KP. Additionally, a small Philips head screwdriver is also included (not shown):

  • 1 – x4 Wing Nuts (1 extra)
  • 2 – x2 Dowels (1 extra)
  • 3 – x8 Pinball Leg screws (1 extra)
  • 4 – Key to the Base backing
  • Allen wrench (included, not shown)


  • Cut the three edges of the box. Open the box to see which end is the back of the machine and set that end of the box on a carpeted floor or rug vertically.
  • Gently slide the playfield out of the box and remove the packing material.
  • Open the box containing the backbox. Remove the box containing the pinball legs, box of hardware and the backbox itself.


*WARNING– Never attempt to unplug or plug-in any connections while powered-on. This may result in damage to the displays or main board. Always make sure the power to the machine is unplugged prior to assembly.

  • Using the included Allen wrench, install x2 black screws (3) through the leg holes into the base assembly. Repeat for all four legs.
Install x2 black screws into each leg
  • With the help of a 2nd person, raise the machine up on all four legs.
  • Insert x2 wooden dowels (2) into the holes on the top-back of the machine.
Insert two wooden dowels
  • If there are any wires extending from the cutout, push them down into the cabinet to keep them protected while installing the backbox.
  • Place the backbox on a soft flat soft surface (screen facing down) and remove all 8 screws from the back.
  • Gently grab the silver handle and remove the back panel of the backbox.
  • Position the backbox upright, set it on the back top of the cabinet over the wooden dowels.
  • Using x2 wingnuts (1), tighten each in the holes on the bottom of the backbox to secure the backbox to the base of the machine.
Install Wingnuts
  • Feed all 5 cables from the bottom of the cabinet through the opening into the backbox.
  • Insert the cable for the LVDS connection to the backbox. The red wires on the white connector should be to the left, as indicated by the diagram posted directly above the connector. Press in on the silver sides of the connector during installation and release to lock it into place.
Insert LVDS connector
  • Insert the keyed (small teeth on each end) white data connector into the small green board (PCB) at the back.
Connect Data Cable
  • Connect the two white connectors going to the backglass backlight.
Backglass backlight (power)
  • Connect the two smaller black connector ends going to the marquee backlight.
Connect Marquee cable
  • Connect the two larger black speaker connectors until they lock into place.
Connect Speaker Wires
  • Reinstall the back panel to the backbox by securing all 8 screws to the back. Start with the screw at the top-middle until all have been installed.
Reinstall all 8 screws to the back panel of the backbox
  • Insert one of the wingnuts (1) into the hole at the back of the topper and loosely tighten it. Then, insert a second wingnut (1) into the hole on the opposite side of the topper. Then, tighten each of the wingnuts to secure the topper to the top of the backbox.
Insert the two Wingnuts through the topper into the provided backglass holes
  • Reinstall the back panel to the back of the base of the machine and lock it using the included Key (4). Turn the key counter-clockwise to lock it into position.
  • Place the machine in a location that has a nearby power outlet.
  • Connect the included power cable to the back of the machine.
  • Flip the power switch at the bottom-right of the cabinet, near the front of the machine, to turn it on.
  • That concludes the assembly process!


Navigating and playing tables on the Legends Pinball 4K is easy and intuitive. However, if this is your first experience with Legends Pinball, a simple explanation of the buttons will be helpful in getting started. Below you’ll find an image showing the front-facing view of the cabinet and a (right) side view. These are the main buttons you’ll use to when playing and navigating the machine.

The image and table below provides more detail about each of the specific functions:

Front and (right) side view of the cabinet
1Rewind/Back ButtonThe Rewind button will return to the previous option or go back.
2Forward Nudge ButtonWhile in-game, this button will nudge the table forward. While in the menu, it is used to navigate into a selected menu option.
3Start/Play ButtonThe Start button will start a game or select an option.
4Menu/AtGames buttonWhile in-game, this button will display the menu for the game.
5PlungerPull back and release to launch a ball.
6Nudge ButtonThere is a left and right nudge button. Press either to nudge the ball left or right during a game.
7Flipper ButtonThere is a left and right flipper button. While in a pinball game, pressing the button will engage the flipper. Press either flipper to navigate an option in the menu system.
8D-PadWhile in the menu system, you can use the 4 directions of the D-pad to navigate in the corresponding direction. In-game, the d-pad may also be used to nudge the table.


In the following sections, we’ll discuss some of the more common settings and how they function. The Legends 4K series of machines introduced a new User Interface (UI) that is easier to use and aesthetically a much cleaner interface. This new interface is called CE-4K and utilizes the left/right flippers for navigating the menu system, however you can also use the d-pad or optional Arcade Control Panel (ACP).


On-screen keyboard

The Account option provides the ability to Sign In or Create a Legends Account:

*NOTE – To alternate between upper-case, symbols and lower-case characters, press the forward nudge button or the button in the lower-left of the on-screen keyboard.

  • SIGN IN WITH LEGENDS ID – If you already have a Legends ID, you can use this option to enter your Legends ID and password. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the values, then click the SIGN IN button.
  • SIGN IN WITH A QR CODE – You can use the camera in your mobile device to login. Simply open the camera application on your device and point it towards the barcode. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to sign in.
  • CREATE LEGENDS ID – If you don’t already have a Legends ID account, you can create one with this option. Enter a Legends ID, e-mail address and create a password and click the SUBMIT button.

After having logged in with your Legends ID, you’ll have the following options:

  • CHANGE PASSWORD – Allows changing the password associated with your Legends account.
  • CHANGE AVATAR IMAGE – Provides a number of avatars that you can use to customize your account.
  • SIGN OUT – Signs out of your Legends ID account.

Attract Mode

Attract Mode

Attract Mode will display a video screen saver when your device is idle for a specified amount of time. This option may be set to 60 / 90 seconds, 3 / 5 / 10 minutes or DISABLE (OFF). The default is DISABLE (OFF).

You may optionally allow the screensaver to appear while in-game. If enabled, you will lose any unsaved in-game data once the attract mode starts. This option may be set to 60 / 90 seconds, 3 / 5 / 10 minutes or DISABLE (OFF). The default is DISABLE (OFF).

  • Video Sound – You can enable or disable the audio when attract mode is running. The options include: ON/OFF.
  • Video Source – This identifies the source of the video to be played, while in attract mode. Options include:
    • SERVER – Allows downloading attract mode videos from the AtGames servers.
    • LOCAL – If Local is selected, you can browse a USB stick for the local .MP4 or .MOV video file to appear for playback. Each video file is limited to 50MB and must reside in a subfolder called ha8800_screensaver on an attached USB stick. You can optionally Shuffle videos to be played when attract mode is running.
    • APPSTOREX – Allows playing videos downloaded from the AppStoreX menu. You may optionally Shuffle videos to be played while attract mode is running.
    • USB LIST – You can browse a USB stick for the local .MP4 or .MOV video file to appear for playback. Each video file is limited to 50MB and must reside in a subfolder called ha8800_screensaver on an attached USB stick. Backglass and Playfield videos can be defined as two unique videos. They would both need to be named the same, however with a suffix of “_portrait” or “landscape” added to the end of the filename. You can optionally Shuffle videos to be played when attract mode is running.

Back option


This option simply returns back to the table selection menu.

Controller Settings

Controller Settings

If you need to test that all of the buttons on the machine are responding properly, you can select LAYOUT TEST. From here, you can sequence through all the buttons and an on-screen indicator will identify which button is being pressed. To exit the layout test, press and release the HOME and FORWARD NUDGE buttons at the same time.

  • Gamepad Key Mapping – If any devices are available for mapping, they will appear in the list. Otherwise, you’ll see a message indicating No available device.

Data Manager

Data Manager

The Data manager allows you to manage user data and packages downloaded to the device. There are two primary options:

  • MANAGE USER DATA – Indicates the amount of user storage used and provides options to IMPORT, EXPORT or CLEAN UP (remove) user data.
  • MANAGE STORAGE – Allows viewing what packages are installed on the device and available for deletion. Select a package to be prompted to MOVE or DELETE it.

Device Info

Device Info

The Device Info option provides the following information:

  • Model Number
  • UUID (Unique device ID)
  • Software Version
  • Kernel Version
  • Firmware Version
  • Wireless MAC (address)
  • Ethernet MAC (address)
  • IP Address for Ethernet (if connected)
  • Wi-Fi MAC (address)
  • IP Address for Wi-Fi (local network IP Address)
  • Wi-Fi Strength (1-4, 4 being excellent signal strength)
  • Total Memory
  • MCU Version
  • System Storage
  • User Storage
  • Internal Storage
  • FDX (Flash Drive X) Storage

Device Update

Device Update

Within this option, you can choose which Legends device you want to update and check if an update is available for it. Options available, include:

  • SYSTEM UPDATE – This option will allow checking online for any updates. You may alternatively check for updates that exist on a USB drive.
  • LEGENDS CONTROLLER UPDATE – Here you can select the Legends GamePad or Control Panel/Deck you wish to update.
  • INTERNAL COMPONENT UPDATE – Allows you to check if there are updates available for internal components such as: applications or built-in games. If any updates are available, you’ll have the option to update them.

FDX / Flash Drive X

FDX / Flash Drive X

The following will step you through the Flash Drive X setup on your Legends device. Flash Drive X (or FDX) provides a method of expanding the storage capabilities of your machine. You will first need a USB Flash Drive. You can use any USB drive you prefer ranging in capacities from 8GB-2TB.

Below is how to prepare your USB Flash Drive:

  • Insert a new USB drive into the USB 3.0 port on your machine (the USB 2 port on the back which is blue in color).
  • Launch the Flash Drive X application.
  • Once loaded, select the Format button (this only needs to be done once).
  • After selecting Format, select Yes.
  • When done, click on Dismiss.
  • Now click the Mount button to activate the USB drive on the arcade platform.
  • Click Yes to mount.
  • When done, click on Dismiss.
  • Back out of Flash Drive X.



The friends setting will allow viewing your friends list, searching for friends, identifying potential friends, viewing invited friends and block those that you no longer want to be notified from. The options include:

  • FRIEND LIST – Displays a list of friends.
  • FIND FRIENDS – Find a friend by entering a friend name and click the SUBMIT button for a list of matches.
  • POTENTIAL FRIENDS – This option will display a list of potential friends.
  • PENDING INVITES – If you have previously requested a friend invitation, you can see those who have not yet responded to your friend request.
  • BLOCK LIST – List of accounts that you have identified as being blocked.

Haptic Feedback

The Haptic Feedback option enables or disables haptic feedback everywhere on your Legends Pinball machine, except while in pinball games. The following options are available:

  • ENABLED ON / DISABLED OFF – Enables or disables the haptic feedback.
  • Solenoid Strength – This option allows you to control the strength (how strong) the solenoids are when engaged. Options include: WEAK, MODERATE and STRONG.

*NOTE – To test the solenoid strength, select an option, move down to TEST SOLENOID to feel/hear the strength.

HDMI Settings

HDMI Settings

The HDMI Input option allows you to connect a PC, Steam Deck, ROG Ally or other similar device to your Legends Pinball 4KP to play games on other platforms (i.e. Visual Pinball X, Future Pinball, Pinball FX3, Pinball FX, etc.) The Legends 4K supports three(3) different inputs supporting the playfield, backglass and DMD displays. The option here may also be found by pressing the Channel button in the top-right corner of the machine. Those options include:

  • Control Mode – Identifies the type of input being received, options include:
    • OTG – Control the buttons using an OTG cable (i.e. USB-A to USB-A cable) connected between the input device and the Legends 4K. Additional settings may be made for the:
      • HDMI AUDIO PREFERENCE – Options available include AUTOMATIC, HDMI IN 1, 2 or 3.
      • INCOMING DISPLAY ROTATION – With this option, you can change the display orientation for each of the three(3) displays from the default of LANDSCAPE to PORTRAIT, FLIPPED LANDSCAPE or FLIPPED PORTRAIT. Each option will rotate the display to the selected orientation.
      • Once all settings have been made, select the START option to enter OTG mode. Keep in mind, any HDMI IN x displays that are showing Disconnected will not appear on the Legends Pinball displays.
  • OTG Wireless – Allows a wireless connection for OTG.
  • ARCADE PLAY LINK (APL) – This option is used with other AtGames devices and allows using a single HDMI cable to carry both the video signal and data (controls) through a single HDMI connection. When this mode is selected, you can indicate which display should render the incoming video signal (i.e. Playfield, Backglass or DMD). Then, select the START button.
  • WIRELESS CONTROL DECK – Select this option when using a wireless control deck.

Health Check

Health Check

The Health Check option is useful if you want to make sure everything is functioning properly with your machine. Selecting the START button will perform a series of device checks. Follow the on-screen prompts.

In addition, you can perform the following additional checks:

  • SOUND CHECK – Please see here for more on the Sound Check option.
  • SCREEN CHECK – This option will allow cycling through the various colors and patterns to identify any dead pixels in any of the 3 displays.

Sound Check

Under the Health Check setting, you’ll find an option, SOUND CHECK. This option is ideal for verifying the Surround Sound Feedback (or SSF kit) has been properly installed. After selection of the SOUND CHECK option, you’ll hear a voice playing from the front speakers, each of the four corners and the bass shaker. The recording will repeat until all speakers are indicated and shown in the image (see below). This makes it an ideal option to ensure all speakers are functioning properly.

Health Check Sound Check
Health Check

Help Desk

Help Desk

The Help Desk setting provides pages of additional help information directly on your machine. If you need further assistance or explanation of specific features, this option may be selected for further reading.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

You can live stream directly to various social media platforms directly from your Legends 4K device. You can configure your Live Streaming credentials to allow you to live stream to Facebook, Twitch or YouTube. After assigning your account credentials from the QR code, you can select the associated Stream button under the platform you wish to stream to. While streaming, you’ll see a red indicator when the stream begins.

My Digital Locker

My Digital Locker

My Digital Locker allows you to check your Game Packs, Subscriptions and Redeemed code history. Once you’ve made a purchase from your Legends ID account, you can review and apply any table volume licenses. You have the option of applying the license to the Device or to your Account.

It’s debatable as to which option is best. I personally recommend applying the license to your Legends ID account. If you apply it to the device and later get a new machine, you can’t transfer the purchased tables to the new machine. However, if you associated the license to your Legends ID account –you can. Totally up to you how you decide to apply your license.

The Options include:

  • NEW CODE – Provides a list of new codes available to be redeemed. Once selected, you can REDEEM CODE ON ACCOUNT which is your Legends ID account or REDEEM CODE ON DEVICE.
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS – Identifies what subscriptions you are entitled to. Subscriptions include: ArcadeNet, BYOG Premium and Legends Platinum Owner Membership.
  • REDEEMED CODES – List of all codes redeemed against your Legends ID account.
  • GAME PACK – Lists any available Game Packs.

Network Test

Network Test

The Network Test setting, once launched, will first identify your approximate location and display a small map. Select the TEST button to begin the network test. The test will begin with a network latency test, then measure the Download and Upload capabilities of the network. Once complete, the following results will be reported:

  • Suggested Bandwidth
  • Server IP Address
  • Server Time
  • Latency Time
  • Upload Speed
  • Download Speed

If you want to repeat the network test, you’ll need to wait about 20 seconds.



Notifications may occur based on various activities such as:

  • Events related to a purchase within AppStoreX
  • System Updates that are available
  • USB Drive Mounted/Unmounted
  • many more

If you’ve received a notification, select it and press the Start/Play button to view the message. Use the d-pad up/down to read the notification message and press the Rewind button to go back.

Offline Mode

Offline Mode

Offline Mode allows you to choose selected games or game packs and play them offline. That is, an internet connection will not be required to play those tables that you take offline. However, you’ll also not be able to play the tables or game packs on other devices until you reinstate the games or game packs to online mode. To take games or game packs offline:

  • MANAGE – Select the Manage option, select the game or game packs you wish to take offline. The number of licenses for each pack will appear on the far-right. It is possible to purchase more than one pack, and take them offline on as many machines as you have licenses. After selecting the game pack(s), press the Rewind button to go back.
  • ENABLE OFFLINE MODE – Select this option to take the selected games or game packs offline.

Parental Controls

You can use the Parental Controls to create up to 4 sub-accounts under the parent’s ArcadeNet account. Each sub-account can have its own settings to enable/disable access to the settings and games. The parents account password is required to make changes to any of the sub-accounts.

Pinball Game Settings

Pinball Game Settings

Within the Pinball Game Settings (Global) option, you can perform the following Pinball Game Setting changes across all tables:

*NOTE – Use the Left/Right flipper buttons to change the page.

  • Master Volume – This option will allow changing the main volume for all tables.
  • FX Volume – This option allows changing the Sound Effects volume for all tables.
  • Music Volume – This option adjusts the Music Volume for all tables.
  • Display Mode – This setting will typically be set for CABINET but may be changed to CLASSIC.
  • Flipper Mode (Gottlieb tables only) – Available options are COMBINED and SEPARATE.
  • Swap Flipper and Nudge Buttons – If you prefer the nudge to be the red buttons and the flipper to be the white buttons, you can change this setting from the default of STANDARD to SWAPPED. Setting to STANDARD will allow the Red button to act as the flipper and white as the nudge buttons.
  • Back Box Style – The default option is BEST FIT. However, you can also change the backglass image to STRETCH or BEST FIT.
  • Accelerometer Sensitivity – The accelerometer is the ability to physically shake the cabinet to nudge the ball. This may be set to ZERO (Off), LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH sensitivity.
  • RESET ALL SETTINGS – This will reset all settings to the default values.
  • RESET ALL TABLES – This will reset all tables to the default values.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Allows reviewing the ArcadeNet Privacy Policy directly on the device.

Settings Lock

Settings Lock

The Settings Lock will allow you to enable or disable access to the Settings option. This is handy if you have small kids that like to get into your machine settings and change them. If the option is enabled, to disable, it will require you to enter your ArcadeNet password.

Time Settings

When connected to the Internet, you can only change the time zone. The date and time will be synchronized automatically. If you are not connected to the internet, you can change the date and time manually.

  • TIME ZONE – Select the appropriate location, such as: UNITED STATES, GREENWICH MEAN TIME or OTHER TIME ZONES. Then select the appropriate time zone for your location and select CONFIRM.
  • DATE / CLOCK – You can adjust the clock displayed in 12 or 24 Hour mode.

UI Settings

UI Settings

*NOTE – Use the Left/Right flipper buttons to change the page.

  • BACKGROUND AUDIO – With this option selected, you can change the background audio played while in the menus to:
    • DEFAULT (pre-set audio music),
    • CUSTOM
    • NONE
    • Choosing SELECT AUDIO will allow you to pick from various pre-installed music tracks, including: CHILL COSMOS, FUTURE FLUX, FRESH NOSTALGIA, CLAPPING CRAZE and COSMIC DREAMWEAVERS.
  • BACKGROUND MOOD – This option changes the colors of the animated background, a number of mood settings are available.
  • SCREEN BRIGHTNESS – You can adjust the Brightness Intensity level of all three displays easily by selecting pre-defined options of: MODERATE, DIM or BRIGHT. To customize the brightness of each display, select the CUSTOM option. Using the d-pad or optional Arcade Control Panel joystick, move down to the Playfield screen, Backglass screen or DMD screen and adjust the levels by moving the control left/right to change the intensity.
  • Table View Mode – Within this option you can choose from the following options:
    • LIST – This is the default mode which provides left/right scrolling navigation of options, tables or games.
    • TILED – Tiled mode provides an alternate User Interface allowing navigation of settings by providing tiled or rectangular options. This option provides an interface that is reminiscent of the interface which existed on the Legends Pinball HD.
  • Scrolling Speed – This adjusts the speed of scrolling while in the LIST Table View mode. Options include: BALANCED or FAST.
  • Pinball Playfield Preview – Allows you to enable or disable the table preview.
  • Backglass High Score – The SHOW option will display the high scores for a selected table on the backglass display. HIDE will not show the high scores on the backglass display.

Voice Chat

Voice Chat

To use the Voice Chat feature, you will first need to pair a Bluetooth wireless headset to the machine. See Wireless Pairing for details on how to do that, if not done already. Once paired, you can click the Start/Play button to create a chat room. Once created, you can then invite your friends into the room. If they accept and join the room, you’ll be able to chat with them in real-time. Options available, include:

  • Chat Volume – Press left/right to adjust the chat volume.
  • Game Volume – Press left/right to adjust the game volume.
  • Stream Mic Audio – This option may be ON/OFF.
  • CREATE CHAT ROOM – Creates a chat room to allow inviting friends into the room.



You can use the Wi-Fi option to connect to a wireless network. Upon launching the tile, it will begin searching for available wireless networks.

  • Select the Wi-Fi network name (or SSID) that you want to connect to and press the Start/Play button.
  • Then, select the option Enter Wi-Fi Password. Using the on-screen keypad, enter the network password.
  • Select the CONNECT button and press the Start/Play button.

*NOTE – Use the Left/Right flipper buttons to change the page to view more Wi-Fi networks.

Sign out of Wi-Fi Network – If you’ve already connected to a Wi-Fi network and wish to sign-out:

  • Select the connected Wi-Fi network (denoted with a star beside the network) and press the Start/Play button.
  • Select the option, FORGET IT, to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network.

Wireless Pairing

Wireless Pairing

Wireless pairing allows you to pair the device to additional bluetooth-enabled devices, such as external control decks or wireless headphones.

Legends Gamepad Pairing

  • Press and hold the HOME and X buttons for 2 seconds.

Legends Quadplay Pairing

  • Power on the device
  • Press and hold the P2 button (if not available, press P1) for 5 seconds.

Other devices

  • Follow the instructions included for other devices on how to enter pairing mode.

Table Game Play

Below are a number of short videos that demonstrate the playfield gameplay of each of the tables. For these shorts, I’ve mounted the camera directly above the 4KP, facing down onto the playfield to get a full view of each of the tables (backbox and DMD won’t be visible in these videos). Each short video was recorded/rendered in UHD 4K 60fps:

*NOTE – If you aren’t viewing on a 4K monitor or TV, the video shown won’t be an accurate reproduction.

Core Tables

The Core tables are those tables that are included with every Legends 4KP sold, regardless of the theme. *NOTE – Not all of the core table videos below have been released but have been scheduled.

Zen Studios Tables

Dr. Seuss Tables

TAITO Tables


The following provides procedures and customization information that you may find helpful.

Factory Reset

If you need to perform a factory reset, please see the following steps.

  1. Hold down Both Left Flipper + Left Nudge buttons.
  2. Power on machine.
  3. Press the START button.
  4. The factory reset will then begin.

Change Log

  • 2023-11-19 – Added the EVT Video Series to this guide. Added a comparison of the ALP HD vs ALP 4KP (The Addams Family cabinet).
  • 2023-11-18 – Minor updates to the Q&A section.
  • 2023-11-13 – Updated the Table Game Play section, broke out each set of tables (Core, Zen, Dr. Seuss, TAITO, etc.) Added a link to the Arcade Control Panel on Amazon. Additional formatting improvements. Added Q&A section.
  • 2023-11-06 – Added Latest Updates section with some good news, the coin door will be centered (and more).
  • 2023-11-05 – Initial public availability.
  • 2023-11-01 – Added additional information for the ACP and a screenshot in the Accessories section.
  • 2023-10-31 – Documented the remaining Settings.
  • 2023-10-30 – Document Settings.
  • 2023-10-26 – Start to this guide (Unboxing & Assembly)