Last Updated: 12/11/2023

Below is a list of my personal favorite YouTube channels, Sub-Reddits, Groups and website links. Please check them out and subscribe/join if you enjoy their content! I think you will.

Arcade & Retro Gaming

YouTube channels that I watch frequently and highly recommend if you’re interested in Arcade & Retro Gaming:

  • Glen Planamento (Glen’s Retro Show) – Often referred to as the “Godfather of Retro Gaming”, Glen not only has his Kick’n it Old School Friday night stream, but has his own product line of Arcade components! All his products are high-quality and I’ve personally used almost all of them. Glen also has a new website here.
  • Super GameRoom Dudes – The longest-running Retro Gaming news and information channel is still going strong! New episodes often air on Friday evenings. Watching this show is a great way to kick off the weekend!
  • MichaelBtheGameGenie – It’s him, it’s him, it’s MichaelB! Always has interesting topics in the arcade space. He discusses many hot topics regarding retro gaming, physical pinball, virtual pinball and more.
  • Kongs-R-Us – Bee is the master of modding! He’s modded most every cabinet he’s purchased. His creativity is second to none in the space, you should see the impressive work he did to his Legends Pinball. Mrs. Kong is often on his show and livens up his streams. Fun fact: She can almost fit inside an Arcade1Up Tron cabinet 🙂
  • Restalgia – Steven Restalgia is the hackmaster and has a number of great reviews on his channel for various products.
  • The Rexer Show – Rex has some awesome productions and covers Retro Gaming like no other.
  • Detroit Love – D-Love is in the house! You’ll often catch him kicking off the Super Game Room Dudes on Friday nights. D-Love covers all kinds of topics on his channel from Arcade1UP to mods.
  • COOLTOY – He covers a lot of content on toys, retro handhelds, arcade game machines and pinball. Check out Doug’s channel for some very cool productions.
  • Mad Little Pixel – Covers everything Retro Gaming on up to current-gen devices. You’ll get a kick out of his humor and take on whatever he’s talking about.
  • ArcadeUSA – Lots of AWESOME content on classic Arcade games, reviews of retro games & tech and much more!
  • John’s Arcade – Excellent resource for Arcade Game Restoration and more! Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any activity on this channel for quite sometime.
  • ArcadeImpossible – Lots of fun and entertaining videos on acquiring original Arcade cabinets and more. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any activity on this channel for quite sometime.

Retro Handheld Gaming

The following are YouTube channels that I enjoy watching:

  • #MashTec is a great YouTube channel for Retro Handheld Gaming. Lots of reviews and how-to information that will make setting up your device a breeze.
  • Born-Again-Nerd (BAN) – Always love her videos, always honest and will let you know her likes/dislikes about a device. There is also an etsy store and repair info. and a new website here!
  • ETA Prime – ETA Prime covers much more than just handhelds, but his reviews are excellent. Definitely check out his channel for a nice mix of all things Tech-including handheld Retro Gaming.

Retro Handheld Facebook Groups

The following are several Facebook groups dedicated to Retro Handheld gaming:

Reddit Sub-Reddits

Several of the sub-Reddits I personally enjoy and frequent as often as I can:

  • SBC Gaming – For all thing Single-Board-Computing (SBC), I look to this site for all the latest and greatest information and content. Tell Smakx WTT sent you 🙂 That guy is awesome and on top of all the latest stuff!
  • RetroPie – All things RetroPie may be found on this outstanding sub-reddit.
  • RG350 – The RG350 Subreddit has been an awesome resource for all of us that are interested in learning more about this awesome handheld.
  • Raspberry Pi Projects Hub – I love seeing what others are doing with their Raspberry Pi’s. This is a site I visit frequently for ideas and inspiration and just to see what others are doing with this impressive SBC.
  • Retrobattlestations – One of my all-time favorite sub-reddits for Retro Computing. Love seeing what others have acquired, built or looking for.

Interesting Articles

  • Crash And Burn: The Amiga ST Story – really enjoyed this. There are a number of good videos used as a reference to the article. My 2nd computer was an Amiga 1000 which made learning a bit of the history even more fun. Hope you enjoy it as well.

Retro Computing

Some excellent YouTube channels on Retro Computing that I enjoy:

  • LGR – Great videos about retro computing and related devices from the 70’s on up.
  • Glen Planamento (Glen’s Retro Show) – Great videos for all-things Retro!
  • ArcadeUSA – Lots of AWESOME content on classic Arcade games, reviews of almost forgotten tech and much more!
  • VectrexRoli – Lots of content for the Vectrex, TI and much more!
  • Retro System Rescue – Videos that cover the TI-99/4A, Coleco Adam and more.
  • WinWorld – An online museum dedicated to the preservation and sharing of vintage, abandoned and pre-release software.
  • Vogons – Forums on many topics: DOS/Windows, Emulation, MIDI and more.
  • Vintage Computer Forums – Forums for most major retro consoles and systems.


TI-99/4A Links, products and groups:

  • ArcadeShopper – Looking for the hard to find classic TI-99/4A parts? Visit their on-line store here.
  • OmegaTI  – Lots of TI-99/4A related videos on a number of topics. His videos are excellent!
  • TI-99 Italian Users Club – Videos of various meetings, games, applications and hardware
  • Rasmus Moustgaard – Creator of the Super Mario Bros for the TI, Flying Shark, Knight Lore and many more awesome productions!
  • Rich Gilbertson – GPL Tutorials along with source code and RXB demos and updates.
  • Matthew Splett – Also known as JediMatt on the AtariAge forums, he created the TIPI as well as a number of additional TI hardware solutions. For the WTT video on the TIPI, click here.
  • Tursilion – An AMAZING developer of many TI games/applications, including his port of Dragon’s Lair for the TI-99/4A
  • 99er – Various TI-related videos
  • TI99 VIDEOS – 32k assembler videos, multiple Simulators running the TI-99/4A, Games and all kinds of cool TI stuff!
  • Our Retro Computing Videos – We have a number of retro-computing videos and content right here. The content is mostly for the TI-99/4A, at present, but hoping to acquire some additional systems in the future.
  • TI-99/4A Forums on AtariAge – want to stay up-to-date on all things TI? This is the hangout you’re looking for.
  • Stuart Conner – Huge selection of TI-related utilities, applications and more. Not to mention, Stuart’s Browser for browsing the Internet on a TI-99/4A!

Change Log

  • 2022-06-14 – Lots to update, so did that.
  • 2020-03-09 – Updated many of my more recent favorites.