Last Updated: 3/8/2021

Below is a list of my personal favorite YouTube channels, Sub-Reddits, Groups and website links. Please check them out and subscribe/join if you enjoy their content! I think you will.

Retro Handheld Gaming

The following are YouTube channels that I enjoy watching:

  • #MashTec is a great YouTube channel for Retro Handheld Gaming. Lots of reviews and how-to information that will make setting up your device a breeze.
  • Born-Again-Nerd (BAN) – Always love her videos, always honest and will let you know her likes/dislikes about a device. There is also an etsy store and repair info. and a new website here!
  • ETA Prime – ETA Prime covers much more than just handhelds, but his reviews are excellent. Definitely check out his channel for a nice mix of all things Tech-including handheld Retro Gaming.

Retro Handheld Facebook Groups

The following are several Facebook groups dedicated to Retro Handheld gaming:


YouTube channels that I watch frequently and highly recommend if you’re interested in Retro Arcade Gaming:

  • Glen Planamento (Glen’s Retro Show) – Great products such as the GRS Tron spinner/trackball/Yoke and videos for all-things Retro! Glen also has a new website here. Definitely go check it out!
  • The Rexer Show – Rex has some awesome productions and covers Retro Gaming like no other. Definitely check out his channel, you’ll see what I mean!
  • COOLTOY – He covers a lot of content on toys, retro handhelds, arcade game machines and pinball. Definitely check out Doug’s channel for some very cool productions.
  • Mad Little Pixel – Covers everything Retro Gaming on up to current-gen devices. You’ll get a kick out of his humor and take on whatever he’s talking about.
  • ArcadeUSA – Lots of AWESOME content on classic Arcade games, reviews of retro games & tech and much more!
  • John’s Arcade – Excellent resource for Arcade Game Restoration and more!
  • ArcadeImpossible – Lots of fun and entertaining videos on acquiring original Arcade cabinets and more.
  • ArcadeShopper – Looking for the hard to find Arcade/Classic computer parts? Visit their on-line store here.

Reddit Sub-Reddits

Several of the sub-Reddits I personally enjoy and frequent as often as I can:

  • SBC Gaming – For all thing Single-Board-Computing (SBC), I look to this site for all the latest and greatest information and content. Tell Smakx WTT sent you 🙂 That guy is awesome and on top of all the latest stuff!
  • RetroPie – All things RetroPie may be found on this outstanding sub-reddit.
  • RG350 – The RG350 Subreddit has been an awesome resource for all of us that are interested in learning more about this awesome handheld.
  • Raspberry Pi Projects Hub – I love seeing what others are doing with their Raspberry Pi’s. This is a site I visit frequently for ideas and inspiration and just to see what others are doing with this impressive SBC.
  • Retrobattlestations – One of my all-time favorite sub-reddits for Retro Computing. Love seeing what others have acquired, built or looking for.

Interesting Articles

  • Crash And Burn: The Amiga ST Story – really enjoyed this. There are a number of good videos used as a reference to the article. My 2nd computer was an Amiga 1000 which made learning a bit of the history even more fun. Hope you enjoy it as well.

Retro Computing

Some excellent YouTube channels on Retro Computing that I enjoy:

  • LGR – Great videos about retro computing and related devices from the 70’s on up.
  • Glen Planamento (Glen’s Retro Show) – Great videos for all-things Retro!
  • ArcadeUSA – Lots of AWESOME content on classic Arcade games, reviews of almost forgotten tech and much more!
  • VectrexRoli – Lots of content for the Vectrex, TI and much more!
  • Retro System Rescue – Videos that cover the TI-99/4A, Coleco Adam and more.
  • WinWorld – An online museum dedicated to the preservation and sharing of vintage, abandoned and pre-release software.
  • Vogons – Forums on many topics: DOS/Windows, Emulation, MIDI and more.
  • Vintage Computer Forums – Forums for most major retro consoles and systems.


TI-99/4A Links, products and groups:

  • ArcadeShopper – Looking for the hard to find classic TI-99/4A parts? Visit their on-line store here.
  • OmegaTI  – Lots of TI-99/4A related videos on a number of topics. His videos are excellent!
  • TI-99 Italian Users Club – Videos of various meetings, games, applications and hardware
  • Rasmus Moustgaard – Creator of the Super Mario Bros for the TI, Flying Shark, Knight Lore and many more awesome productions!
  • Rich Gilbertson – GPL Tutorials along with source code and RXB demos and updates.
  • Matthew Splett – Also known as JediMatt on the AtariAge forums, he created the TIPI as well as a number of additional TI hardware solutions. For the WTT video on the TIPI, click here.
  • Tursilion – An AMAZING developer of many TI games/applications, including his port of Dragon’s Lair for the TI-99/4A
  • 99er – Various TI-related videos
  • TI99 VIDEOS – 32k assembler videos, multiple Simulators running the TI-99/4A, Games and all kinds of cool TI stuff!
  • Our Retro Computing Videos – We have a number of retro-computing videos and content right here. The content is mostly for the TI-99/4A, at present, but hoping to acquire some additional systems in the future.
  • TI-99/4A Forums on AtariAge – want to stay up-to-date on all things TI? This is the hangout you’re looking for.
  • Stuart Conner – Huge selection of TI-related utilities, applications and more. Not to mention, Stuart’s Browser for browsing the Internet on a TI-99/4A!

Change Log

  • 2020-03-09 – Updated many of my more recent favorites.