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The following is a listing of all of the Guides I’ve created thus far. These guides provide a more article-based format, though many include video companions to further explain and demonstrate. If you have any additional tips or recommendations, please comment in one of the related videos.

I appreciate any support from the community to enhance these guides.


In the sections below, you’ll find guides for several AtGames products. More are coming, so please check back regularly.

Legends Pinball

Legends Pinball (Virtual Pinball)

I’ve always wanted a pinball machine, but due to cost and available space it was out of reach, until now. The AtGames Legends Pinball machine is slightly larger than 3/4 the size of a real pinball machine and has the ability to play an unlimited number of tables. Below are some guides to help you get more familiar with Legends Pinball:

Legends Ultimate Mini

Legends Ultimate Mini

The Legends Ultimate Mini is a hybrid between the larger Legends Pinball and Legends Ultimate products in a smaller form-factor. Yet, it provides an innovative feature allowing easy rotation of the display in horizontal or vertical orientations. Explore the guide below.

Legends Ultimate

Legends Ultimate

After owning the AtGames Legends Pinball, AtGames was kind enough to send over an AtGames Legends. Below are guides related to this machine.

Legends Core

The Legends Core or Legends Core Plus is a great entry-level option for playing many classic Arcade and Pinball volumes on your existing TV or monitor.

Legends Core Plus
  • AtGames Legends Core (Plus) – In this guide, I’ll step you through the setup of the Legends Core and many of it’s important features. Including resources and links that will be helpful for new users.

Legends Gamer

Legends Gamer Mini

I was really impressed with this machine and decided to create a guide for it. Enjoy!

  • AtGames Legends Gamer Mini Guide – This was not a guide I had planned on creating, however after spending time with the machine I was thoroughly impressed. Check it out, I think you will be as well.

Learning Series

AtGames Shared Guides

These guides are shared among all of the above products.

  • AtGames CoinOpsX Guide (saUCEy Edition) – Want to be able to play many more games on your AtGames product? This is the guide for you. PDubs and I partnered to make it available to anyone who wants to get up and running with CoinOpsX on their Legends Ultimate/Gamer/Pinball series of products.
  • Legends Pinball/Ultimate/Gamer: MAME Game Guide (BYOG) – Vertical games are fun to play on the Legends Pinball, this guide will show you how to set them up. These instructions also work for other Legends Ultimate/Gamer series of machines.
  • AtGames Legends News & Updates – This guide/page is shared across the above guides and provides the latest news and updates about upcoming products, activities, contests and more.


Detailed information regarding the iiRcade Home Arcade cabinet, setup and more.

  • iiRcade Guide – Detailed guide on the iiRcade cabinet, operation and setup.

Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi

The following guides will help you to get the most out of your Raspberry Pi. Much of the information here focuses on information for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B owners. Though, some information may be helpful for other Raspberry Pi models also.

Raspberry Pi 4/400

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Videos – A number of videos on the Raspberry Pi 4. Everything from installing Windows 11 on a Pi4, TwisterOS, multi-OS boot options (PINN Lite & Berry Boot) and much more can be found on this page.

Raspberry Pi 4 Retro Gaming

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Gaming – Information and how-to details on how to setup a Raspberry Pi 4 Retro Gaming system. Including both hardware and software and supporting videos.

RetroPie Tips

  • RetroPie Tips and Resources – Tips that I’ve found very helpful for RetroPie may be found here. Includes detailed instructions and video content.

Open Media Vault

  • Open Media Vault 5 (OMV5) Beta – In this tutorial, we’ll setup OpenMediaVault 5 (beta), setup some shares and use RSync to duplicate files from one share to another.

Popular Raspberry Pi 4 cases

Raspberry Pi Cases

The following include guides for the Raspberry Pi cases. Some are complete cases, laptop/computer-like form factors, etc.

  • RetroFlag PiStation Case Setup – Want to make your Raspbery Pi 4 look like a classic Playstation console? If so, this may be for you.
  • DeskPi Pro V2 Case – This case keeps the Pi 4 cool using the Ice Tower Cooler+fan and can automatically adjust the fan speed as the CPU temperature rises. It also supports both M.2 and 2.5″ SSD drives, full-size HDMI ports, easy access to the microSD and two additional USB 2.0 ports on the front.
  • NESPi 4 Case Guide – A cool looking case with in an NES-Style décor that includes the ability to insert a 2.5″ SSD in a cartridge slot. Also mentioned in this guide is where to pickup a replacement cartridge shell, tips and more.
  • Argon One Guide – Reference information on how to setup the Argon One case for the Raspberry Pi. Including tips for setting up the case with RetroPie, the new M.2 version and more.
  • CrowPi2 – This device is much more than a laptop for your Raspberry Pi 4/3b+, it is a full electronics Laboratory with many sensors and modules to help you learn programming (Python, Scratch, etc.), electronics and STEM/STEAM learning. Development environments and tutorials are pre-installed and ready to take advantage of the development board.
  • Building a Modern Retro Computer (MRC) – Learn how you can build your own Modern Retro Computer or Gaming console here. Also included are ideas on enhancing the project and getting started information.
  • Retroflag GPi Case Setup – Detailed instructions on how to setup your Retroflag GPi case. More than one option is provided as well as a troubleshooting section and much more. The feedback we’ve received on this guide has been 100% positive, thus far.

Retro Game Handhelds

Retro Handhelds

The following are pages setup to assist you with links / information on various popular portable Retro Gaming handhelds:

  • All Retro Handhelds – All Retro Handhelds available on this site.
  • Anbernic RG552 – This new device from Anbernic sports a 5.36″ Touch Screen, faster CPU and the ability to boot into Linux or Android.
  • Powkiddy X18S – Perhaps the most powerful Retro Gaming handheld available. This guide will assist with the setup, configuration and operation of the X18S.
  • RG350 Tips – Many tips, tricks and fun ideas for the RG350 and RG350M may be found on this page. Tips such as: Adding additional emulators, HDMI Output patch, Reference and more!
  • ODROID-Go Super Guide – Information and tips for the new ODROID-Go Super device.
  • RG351M/P Guide – Information to help you get up and running quickly and easily with an RG351 device.
  • Retroid Pocket 2 Tips – Tips and information that will be helpful to new Retroid Pocket 2 owners, including: dual-booting between Android / Retroid OS, backing up your microSD and more.
  • Powkiddy A12 – Not just tips can be found here, but a working python program that will help you customize your game-list on the PKA12. You are no longer limited to the Chinese game list that ships with the unit, using my code you’ll be able to create your own list and include boxart with a little more effort.
  • PocketGo v2 Tips – Helpful information and review of the PocketGo v2 and additional details.

New Wave Toys Replicades

  • New Wave Toys Replicade – If you are interested in 1:6th scale near-arcade accurate reproductions of classic arcade machines, you’ll enjoy this page. It includes video demonstrations of all the X Replicade machines I’ve been able to acquire.

PC Retro Gaming

  • PC Retro Gaming – Got an old laptop that you’re about to place in the trash? Why not turn it into a Retro Gaming machine. This guide will give you some ideas on how to re-purpose that old laptop.

Common Tasks

  • Common Tasks Guide – This guide will assist you in backing up, restore and/or expanding a microSD, M.2, SSD or other storage media.


  • Maqueen Plus – Interested in robotics but not sure where to start? Here is an awesome platform to quickly and easily learn how to make the Maqueen Plus robot do some pretty cool things! On this page, I’ll show you what you need and provide additional resources to help you get up and running.


If you are interested in building your own 3D Printed Arcade control panel, this is a project you may enjoy. All models are free to download and allow you to custom configure the control panel the way you want it. There are many panels available which support a vast number of Glen’s Retro Show products.


I own one Arcade1Up product at this time, the Star Wars cabinet. If you’d like to check out that review, the link is below. At the least, watch the first 3 minutes, you may enjoy the intro.

  • Star Wars Arcade1UP – here we’ll take a detailed look into the Star Wars Arcade1UP including some helpful assembly tips, and much more.

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