Retro Computing

The following are the latest TI-99/4A / Retro Computing videos from Wagner’s TechTalk. Much more is planned for this year. Enjoy!

TIPI: Raspberry Pi connected to a 40 YEAR OLD TI-99/4A Computer!-Gaming/Chat/Mouse/Disk/Telnet+

This is a comprehensive video of the newly released TIPI (Raspberry Pi solution for the TI-99/4a) available at and created by JediMatt/ElectricLab. While it’s a little long (~42 min.) it will help you through the setup and demonstration of many of the capabilities available.

This video is ideal for new TIPI users as well as someone contemplating getting one for their own Ultimate Retro TI-99/4A setup.

This video covers the following topics

  • Brief Intro. of the TIPI
  • Assembly of the 32k Sidecar + TIPI
  • New Case for the above (Awesome design and perfect fit!)
  • Creating the TIPI Disk Image for the RPi
  • How to configure the TIPI to your WiFi Network
  • How to use the Built-in Telnet client to connect to your RPi (can also be used to connect to BBS’s)
  • How to use TI-Artist with a Mouse + TIPI
  • Demonstration of programs including: Chatti, Chess and (my favorite) SNEK!
  • How to access your TIPI via a UNC Path and copy files
  • How to use the TIPI Web Administrator to create folders and new TI Files
  • Demonstration of loading your TI Files (from the TIPI) on the TI-99/4a
  • Where to purchase a TIPI + 32k Sidecar and also the 3D Printed case!

TI-99/4A Home Computer Introduction / History 

Introduction to the TI 99/4a Home Computer which was launched in 1981. It was one of the first (if not “the” first), 16-bit microprocessors available for the home. This video takes you back to the early days with a little bit of my own memories of this fantastic Home Computer!


The nanoPEB is a modern alternative to the larger Peripheral Expansion System released in the early 1980’s. While the nanoPEB doesn’t allow adding expansion cards, it has most everything most TI users could appreciate. (*Note – You may also find the TIPI an interesting alternative to the PEB)

Preparing and Managing the nanoPEB CF Card with TI99DIR

If your CF card is in need of an upgrade (or is missing/damaged), you’ll need to know how to create a new image for the nanoPEB. You may also want to know how to easily copy new TI disk images to your CF volumes, this video will show you how easy it is to do all of this!

TI-99/4A – AWESOME UPGRADES: Video converters, TI99Sim, FlashRom99 and more!

we’ll take a look at the type of adapters you would need to replace the TI Monitor with a VGA/HDMI Monitor. We’ll also look at the TI99Sim running on a Raspberry Pi 3b which can nicely emulate the TI on a RPi3. We’ll also consolidate a large collection of TI cartridges into a single FlashRom99 cart.

TI-99/4A running Assembly code in stock TI Basic (emulated in this video)

This code was loaded into the classic 99 emulator by copy/paste directly into TI-Basic. Then run, it was amazing!

Harry Wilhelm developed the method for running assembly in BASIC. He essentially overruns certain memory locations to force assembly code into memory

The code was not written by me, but can be found here.

Special thanks to the TI 99ers facebook page for posting this and many more great TI resources!