Virtual Reality (VR)

REACTIONS of Friends + Family on the Oculus Quest: Their first time in Virtual Reality(VR)

In this video, we’ll see the reactions of friends & family trying Virtual Reality on the Oculus Quest for the first time!

The Wizards – for the Oculus Quest – First Level Game-Play (NEW)

In this video, we’ll go through the first level of ‘The Wizards’. A new Oculus Quest game that was released on June 6th 2019. It goes without saying, it looks SO MUCH better in VR than on a 2D display. I did not muck with the aspect ratio of the resulting video, I didn’t want to take-away from the video quality recorded by the Quest. I hope you enjoy it!

My opinion (6/6/2019):
I played through the 1st and part of the 2nd level and it gets pretty tough. I haven’t quite mastered the spells and sometimes I forget (or it doesn’t recognize) which spell I’m trying to use (but it’s likely me). The graphics look quite good on the Quest and the Narrator is a hoot. This version allows you to move by teleporting only or smooth movement using the stick or teleport – I like that! Sometimes the edges of the screen have a fade effect that I’m not particularly fond of, but others may not mind. I’m new to VR in-general and therefore can’t compare this to any other platforms/versions. You be the judge! This is a game I will be playing, it is definitely fun and the depth seems to be there but I’m not far-along enough to be sure. I’ve only had about 1 hour to play & record what you’re seeing.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I plan to create more videos like this in the future on the day of release, if folks enjoy them. This way you can see what it’s like before you consider buying. Please like/subscribe if you want, always happy to see folks tuning-in. Your support is always appreciated. See more at !

The Developer’s website: The Wizards by Carbon Studio

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Oculus Quest: Accessories and Tips to make your VR Journey more enjoyable!

In this video we’ll cover a number of accessories such as the Insignia VR Gear Backpack (from Best Buy), the Official Oculus Travel Case, a battery charger from Ainope and a magnetic charging cable by Kyerivs. We won’t stop there, we’ll also include a few tips that will help make using your Oculus Quest a bit more enjoyable!

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OCULUS QUEST: Our VR Journey! Unboxing, Setup, Review, Impressions & REACTIONS!

Welcome to this exciting video of the Oculus Quest! This amazing device will allow you to experience Virtual Reality (VR) WITHOUT WIRES! The Quest has an on-board computer, so no high-end gaming system is needed to experience VR. This is an absolutely amazing device and this video will step you through from un-boxing, application setup, demonstrate the ‘First Steps’ tutorial as best we can (a video can not do it justice, it’s freaking AMAZING!)

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