What’s Next?

We have a lot of ideas for projects this year.  Here are a few short-term ideas, feel free to comment on our Facebook page if you’d like to see any of these or something else:

  • We have a new project in-development called OpenCADE! It is a fully self-contained RPi case that provides 1, 2, 3 or 4 Arcade controllers connected to your HDMI TV. It is a customizable DIY project that makes use of a 3D Printer.
  • Another recent project recently performed was to upgrade an aging HP dv7 laptop. This machine has served me well for over 10 years but is no longer able to keep up. Check our reviews for the latest on it’s replacement, the MSI GL 73. 
  • More RetroComputing / TI-99/4A content! We have acquired some new products in the first quarter of this year that you will like if you enjoy Retro Computing. Check out our reviews of Dragon’s Lair and Stuart’s Browser with TIPI support! We have some additional ideas for a few things we haven’t covered yet.
  • Here at Wagner’s TechTalk, we’ve messed around with 3D scanning (not just printing).  We are looking into 2019 to release at least one video on how you can do the same, inexpensively (or maybe free – if you already have the stuff)
  • Building a Virtual Pinball machine!  Yes, we’re toying with the idea and actually made some progress.  However, the idea is temporarily on hold due to the fact that the laptop we were using had a seriously weak GPU and then our large screen TV died. As a result, we couldn’t continue with this project.  Perhaps, we’ll acquire a better machine and display in 2019 and come back to this project.

Late 2019

  • Design and Build a bi-ped Robot – we want this booger to do our dishes for us.  Sure, that’s a little too optimistic for the short term but an ultimate goal once we build the hardware to support it.  Hoping to start this project around mid-end of this year.
  • Learn to weld – need to prepare for a super-cool project for the longer term 2021+.  Details on that much later on.  Hint:  It involves flying.

Want to help us with new content?

It’s very expensive to purchase new products for review, Retro content as well. We enjoy them both and make every attempt to balance modern and retro tech into our productions. If you have any obsolete equipment that you wish to donate to our channel for a future review, we would be very interested in hearing from you. A few things we are on the lookout for :

  • Commodore (64, Amiga, PET, etc.)
  • Anything TI-99/4A related
  • Old IBM Desktop/Laptops (80’s to early 90)
  • Any unusual or hard to find tech
  • Software for any of the above

Feel free to reach out to us at wagnerstechtalk [at] gmail.com if there is anything you want to donate for review. Un-boxing and content may be held until we have enough material to create a single video. Our preference is to receive working items, but minor repairs are not outside our abilities either.