What’s Next?

We have a lot of ideas on what’s coming next.  Here are a few short-term ideas, feel free to comment on our Facebook page if you’d like to see any of these or something else:

  • Our first project is to upgrade my aging HP dv7 laptop, it’s 10 years old this year and no longer able to keep up. Check our reviews for the latest on it’s replacement. 
  • 3D Printing wheels for the Declan Buggy (wheelchair for a kitten).  Finding the wheels on Amazon/ebay has been difficult, we want to make it easier for anyone wanting to print the buggy to find wheels, so we’re investigating methods of making your own.  Including a 3D mold of the tire!
  • More RetroComputing / TI-99/4A content! Hoping to acquire some new products in the first quarter of the year that will intrigue and excite!
  • Here at Wagner’s TechTalk, we’ve messed around with 3D scanning (not just printing).  We are looking into 2019 to release at least one video on how you can do the same, inexpensively (or maybe free – if you already have the stuff)
  • Building a Virtual Pinball machine!  Yes, we’re toying with the idea and actually made some progress.  However, the idea is temporarily on hold due to the fact that the laptop we were using had a seriously weak GPU and couldn’t continue with this project.  Perhaps, we’ll acquire a better machine in 2019 and come back to this project.

Table of Contents

Late 2019

  • Design and Build a bi-ped Robot – we want this booger to do our dishes for us.  Sure, that’s a little too optimistic for the short term but an ultimate goal.  Hoping to start this project around mid-year.
  • Learn to weld – need to prepare for a super-cool project for the longer term.  Details on that much later on.  Hint:  It involved flying.