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Last Update: 11/23/2021

Having a Tech YouTube channel often provides a great opportunity to try out some of the latest fun and exciting technologies. Some I pay for, some are provided. The goal is to always provide honest feedback, details and information to help you determine if it’s something you might find helpful or enjoy! I have a number of guides available for the primary topics I cover.

Having a giveaway is something new to the channel, but one that has brought me the most satisfaction. You enter the giveaway, follow the rules of the game, if selected and win… I ship it to you. Pretty simple.

You’ll find in the weeks, months or perhaps years ahead that some of the stuff I show on this channel will be given away to those that watch my content. Just a small way to give back to the community. Along the way, I may enhance whatever is shown, to some extent. You’ll just have to wait and find out what I mean (subtle hint for the next giveaway that is forthcoming). Stay tuned to the channel if you want to enter! It will make a great Christmas gift for someone, rest assured.

Below you’ll find all of those who have won something from Wagner’s TechTalk and if they decide to share a comment and/or photo about the item they received -it is always optional. All the Best and Good luck on the next one!Jon

Giveaway #2 – Vilros Tabletop Arcade

Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 Tabletop Arcade Giveaway (Video)
Giveaway: December 7, 2021 @7pm (US Central Time)
Shipped : Once a confirmed winner has been identified
Received: Updated once shipped

Winner will Receive

  • x1 Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 Tabletop Arcade
  • x1 Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB model) Pre-installed in the Arcade
  • x2 sets of heatsinks for the Raspberry Pi 4 (one set already applied to the Pi4 and installed in the Arcade)
  • x1 128GB microSD with Recalbox pre-installed with the Joystick+buttons mapped and ready to play

*Note No original Arcade/console Games will be pre-installed, just the freeware games included with Recalbox. For more information on adding your own games, please see the Raspberry Pi 4 Retro Gaming Guide.

How to Enter

  • Must have a US or Canadian Address for me to ship it to you
  • Comment in the video with your favorite gift you received as a child (Toy, Game, Game Console, Memento -be creative!)
  • A Random comment picker will be used to pick a winner. If selected, you’ll have 24 hours to reply to my notification. If I don’t hear from you within 24 hours, another name will be picked until someone wins.
  • Only comment once to avoid disqualification (don’t reply to your own comment)
  • Contest ends Dec. 7th, 2021 at 7pm (US Central Time)
  • Winner will be announced on the new Winners Wall (

Good luck!

Giveaway #1 – Asteroids Replicade

Asteroids Replicade Giveaway (Video)
Giveaway: November 12, 2021, 11:59 pm
Shipped : November 13, 2021, 10:18 am
Received: November 17, 2021, 11:22 am

Congratulations to Bill from WA who won the Asteroids Replicade! The original review video may be found here. In that video, towards the end I show an alternative way to still find the machine. It was at that time I decided to order (and hold on to) the machine until the channel reached a specific milestone. For the backstory, see this video.

Bill’s winning comment:

“My favorite arcade game was Atari Sprint, the old black and white arcade game.”

Below is what Bill had to say after receiving his new Asteroids Replicade:

11/17/2021 – The Replicade arrived today!!  I have opened and have given it a go. It works great! Thank you so much for this! I missed out on the Dragon’s Lair but have ordered the 1942 game. I enjoy your videos.  I have a couple Raspberry Pi 4 that I use, one CanaKit and one PiBoy.  I have found your videos very helpful for those and I thank you for that help!

Bill from WA won an Asteroids Replicade (by New Wave Toys)

Change Log

  • 2021-11-23 – Added Giveaway #2 details.
  • 2021-11-21 – Our next Giveaway has been identified, more details coming soon.
  • 2021-11-18 – Added our first Giveaway winner.