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Last Update: 1/26/2023

Video: AtGames Legends Gamer Pro Review and Guide

The AtGames Legends Gamer Pro (or ALGP as referred to below) was the only AtGames Legends device that I haven’t owned, reviewed nor documented. About six months prior I had purchased the Legends Gamer Mini and was really impressed by the device and found it to be very versatile. I’ve created guides for every other device, so when I found a great price on-line for the Gamer Pro, I jumped at it.

In the sections below, I’ll document my experiences as well as provide some additional setup information that may be useful to you if you own, or are considering getting, a Legends Gamer Pro for yourself or as a gift.

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What is the Legends Gamer Pro?

The Legends Gamer Pro is an Arcade Control panel that can connect to the included Core (or “puck”) wired via USB or wirelessly over Bluetooth. There are 150 included arcade and console games (50 more than the Gamer Mini). Some you’ll know, others will be a bit obscure – but many are quite fun! I’ve had a blast with this trying some of those games that I’ve never heard of as well as those familiar classics.

The Gamer Pro control panel is interchangeable with the Legends Ultimate control deck. The main difference between the two is that the Gamer Pro includes two additional buttons per-player (4 in total) and lacks two spinners. The lack of spinners wasn’t much of a big deal for me personally, since many spinner games can be played using the trackball.

Why the ALGP?

Below are reasons why I like this unit and how I justified the purchase:

  • Gaming Anywhere – in the past, I’ve designed and built my own arcade gaming control decks (3D Printed / OpenCADE). While I do enjoy playing on that machine and the various controls you can connect to it, it’s not wireless. However, it’s much larger than the Gamer Mini and a bit less portable. There is a built-in battery in the Arcade Control Panel which should provide hours of game play.
  • Multiple Ways to Play – The machine has a number of ways it can be played. You can play the 150 included licensed arcade+console games on the machine, play games over ArcadeNet, connect the Arcade Control Panel to a PC or other device, connect the ALGP to another AtGames product for 3-4 player game-play, install additional games on BYOG/CoinOpsX! Lots of ways you can enjoy this machine.
  • Ease of Use / Setup – Getting the ALGP setup and playing took about 5 min. Once paired with the Legends Gamer Console (or core), it remembers the device and every time you power it up it will automatically re-connect. The UI is very familiar to me as it’s the same on the ALU and ALP. There will be a slight learning curve for new owners. We’ll touch on some of that below.
  • On-line Leaderboards – The ALGP has the ability to play the included games on-line and submit high scores to the AtGames leaderboards. AtGames also has frequent weekend-long leaderboard game events. This allows you to compete against other players to get the high-score and win prizes. This option works well, I have a few scores uploaded at this point (none particularly close to the top scores).
  • Pinball -The ALP was my first AtGames product purchase and really enjoy playing all the awesome Zaccaria and Taito volumes that AtGames has released. The ALGP can also play pinball games, in fact using my portable monitor I can flip the display sideways and the vertical game-play is awesome! It takes up the full screen and the game play is great. Not as great as the ALP, but this machine also costs considerably less.
  • Lobby – The lobby is another reason for picking up the ALGP. While I’ve not tried this feature out (yet), I understand how it works and look forward to playing someone on-line very soon.
  • HDMI Output – I’ve created a few guides for various AtGames products and it is a big plus having HDMI Output. This allows me to capture the video signal and use it for documenting this (and other) similar products. Most won’t care about this aspect, but was part of my decision to place the order as it will simplify my ability to document features shared across several products.


The following are the specifications and features of the AtGames Legends Gamer Pro:

  • 150 licensed arcade and console games
  • Arcade-style joystick and eight action buttons per player
  • Arcade-style pinball buttons, light guns, and more available as optional accessories
  • Pause, Rewind, Save, and Load functionality
  • Track your high scores
  • Change aspect ratios and display parameters on a per-game basis for a custom look
  • Fun screensaver options to leave your Legends device in attract mode
  • Parental controls
  • Add gamepads to play top PC titles or enable multiplayer gaming
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity to use the Legends Gamer Tabletop Arcade Pro as a controller for PCs, streaming dongles, consoles, and more
  • Legends Gamer Pro Size: 29.53 x 3.75 x 10.03 inches


The following are a collection of resources that may be helpful to you :


AtGames News Updates

For the latest AtGames News, visit the AtGames News Updates page.

Purchase Locations

The AtGames Legends Gamer Pro may be found at the following locations:

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Recommendation: Wait a day or two for Game Stop to re-stock, they have lately shown unavailable one day only to restock a few days later. The Legends Gamer Pro is no longer showing on Sam’s Club. However, they currently have the Legends Gamer Mini on sale for $99.99 (one player, no trackball). Guide/Review of the Gamer Mini may be found here.

Connectivity Options

There are a number of ways you can use the Legends Gamer Pro. In the following sections, we’ll describe each and how to begin using them.

Connect to Legends Gamer Console

Perhaps the most common way to use the ALGP is to connect the arcade controls wirelessly to the Legends Gamer Console (also known as the Core or “puck”). The core is the brains of the machine, includes the 150 built-in games and pretty much does all the work.

  • Power on the Legends Gamer Console/puck and connect it to your TV/Monitor.
  • Power on the ALGP Arcade Control Deck (button on the far right).
  • Press and hold the P2 button on the Arcade Control Panel for ~3 seconds until the blue LED begins to flash quickly.
  • Press the wireless pairing button on the Legends Gamer Console, the pairing window will show on the screen.
  • Press the wireless pairing button until the Control Deck is selected, Control deck P1. Then, press and hold the wireless pairing button until the pairing begins -then release. Repeat to pair Control deck P2 (player 2 controls).
  • You should see the blue blinking LED turn to a solid blue once connected. Give it a few more seconds and try to navigate the menu from both sets of controllers.
  • That’s it!

Power ON Gamer Pro

Powering off is easy, you simply press the big red button on the far-right of the control panel and unplug the legends core (or “puck”). However, for a consistently good experience during power-on, please see the following:

  • Make sure both the Legends Core (or “puck”) is off and the Arcade Control Panel is also powered off.
  • Plugin the Legends Core to power it on. Wait until it fully boots and the connect icon in the upper-right disappears (see image below)
  • Once the connection icon disappears, power on the Arcade Control panel by pressing the power button in the upper-right.
  • The two devices should be fully paired, you’re ready to play!

Connect to a Raspberry Pi (USB)

You can use your ALGP as a joystick + buttons to your Raspberry Pi. Connecting to a Pi (or a PC) is very easy. See below for a few simple steps.

  • Connect the USB (2.0) cable from the back of the Legends Gamer Pro to an available USB port on your Pi.
  • Install a Gaming OS such as RetroPie, Recalbox or Batocera on the Pi (see here for more information).
  • Turn on your Legends Gamer Gamer Pro.
  • Press and Hold the P2 button for about 8 seconds to disconnect the wireless connection to the Legends Gamer Console (or power it off).
  • If using Recalbox, plug a USB keyboard into the Pi and press the Enter key to enter the setup to map the LGP buttons.
  • Then, navigate to the game you want to play and have fun!

Connect to ALU or other Legends Product

You can use your ALGP connected to another AtGames product, such as the ALU to play 4-player arcade games. For testing this feature, I connected a USB cable between the ALU and the ALGP and played the included Ninja Kids game. All four players were recognized by pressing the P1-2 on either the ALU or the ALGP.

Wireless Connection to Legends Device

If you’ve wirelessly paired the ALGP to another Legends device and wish to disconnect, please see the following:

  • Make sure the Control Panel blue LEDs are both blinking. If not, press and hold the P2 button for ~8 seconds.
  • On the Legends device (Core, Max, ALU, etc.), go to Settings – Wireless Pairing.
  • Select  Control deck P1 and press the button.
  • Select the Connect button and press A.
  • Press B on the device to back out, once connected.
  • Repeat the above for Control deck P2.
  • That’s it!

Wireless Disconnect from Legends Device

If you’ve wirelessly paired the ALGP to another Legends device and wish to disconnect, please see the following:

  • On the Legends device (Core, Max, ALU, etc.), go to Settings – Wireless Pairing.
  • Select  Control deck P1 and press the button.
  • Select the Disconnect button and press A.
  • Press B on the ALU to back out, once disconnected.
  • Repeat the above for Control deck P2.
  • That’s it!

Game Play

Burger Time

There are 150 included arcade and console games which ship with the Legends Gamer Pro. These games include many popular titles such as: Bad Dudes, Burger Time, Elevator Action, Space Invaders, Tetris and many others. It is a nice selection of games, though not as many games are available compared to the ALU. For a full game list, see here.

Vertical Game Play

The Legends Gamer Pro includes pinball buttons and will allow you to play Virtual Pinball on the device. There are well over 100 pinball tables (each volume sold separately) that can be played directly on the ALGP. These tables will play in horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait). See the setting here for switching between horizontal/portrait mode.

The pinball buttons attach easily to the left/right side of the console (two screws per set) and are pre-installed for you. You use the joystick (down) to launch the ball and the side flippers/nudge for the game-play. While the game-play is not as smooth as the ALP, it is still impressive to be able to play these tables on this device.

Upload High Scores

Many of the included games support the ability to upload your high-score to the on-line leaderboards. You can tell which ones do if they have a small trophy icon in the lower-left of the game artwork. Here’s how:

  • Once your game is finished, click the AtGames/Menu button and select Save High Score.
  • You’ll then see the results of your game with your score highlighted, press A to Proceed.
  • Use the Joystick to enter your initials (left/right and up/down).
  • Press A to submit your score. When you exit the game, your score will be uploaded to the AtGames servers.
  • That’s it!
Games Menu

Control Panel

The diagram below represents the joystick and button layout found on the AtGames Legends Gamer Pro.

Legends Gaming

For details on all the latest available Gaming Packs (Arcade and Pinball), Flash Drive X Setup, Code Redemption, Installing/Uninstalling games, check out the Legends Gaming Guide.


For an explanation of each of the options that are available in the Settings tab, please see the Settings Guide.


Detailed CoinOpsX Guide

CoinOpsX allows you to play those classic Arcade Games that may not be available from AtGames. There are thousands of games that may be downloaded to a USB drive and installed to your ALGP and run using the CoinOpsX application. The good news is, a single USB stick can be used for both pinball tables (or other game packs/volumes available from AtGames) and your CoinOpsX games. For a full guide on how to setup CoinOpsX, visit the AtGames CoinOpsX Guide. Special thanks to PDubs Arcade Loft for this guide!

Guide: Detailed CoinOps X guide


Mastering the settings on the ALGP isn’t difficult. Though, when you’re first getting started knowing how to navigate the UI may be a little challenging. Below we’ll cover some basics to get you going.

  • Navigating the Menus – Use the joystick to move up/down/left right to select the tiles or the menu/tabs at the top. You will typically press A to select an option or B to go back. However, check the bottom of each screen as it will provide more tips on other options/buttons that are available.
  • Favorites List – You can create a favorites list of all your favorite games using the following:
    • Select the game from the list and press A (don’t launch it, just browse to the game menu).
    • Then press the C button to toggle the Favorite selection.
    • Press B to go back to the Game selection.
    • Press the AtGames/home button.
    • Using the Joystick move down into to the Favorites option and press the A button.
    • Now you’ll only see your favorite games (if nothing is there, you didn’t add a game to the Favorites list).
  • Return to All Games (from Favorites) – To return to seeing All Games:
    • Highlight one of the games in the list.
    • Press the AtGames/Menu button.
    • Select All Games and press A.
    • Now you should see All Games.
  • Filtering Game List – Using the same technique shown above for Return to All Games, you can also filter by other categories: All Games, Featured, Favorites, Leaderboard, Recent, Channels (Atari, Data East, Disney, etc.), Platforms (Arcade, Atari 2600, Genesis, etc.)
  • Updating the Firmware – Login using your ArcadeNet account first, then:
    • On the top tab bar, go to Settings → Version (x.y.z) and press the A button.
    • If no update exists, press the B Button to exit. Otherwise, select the Download option.
    • Once complete, select the Update option (this may take ~10+ min. to apply the firmware update).
    • The machine will restart and display the status on the display while updating, then it will reboot once more when the firmware update has completed.
  • Factory Reset the ALGP – Power off the device. Press and hold the recovery button with a pin (on the core or “puck”). Power on, then press and hold the P1 START + MENU buttons while you continue to hold the recovery button. Once you see the factory reset prompt, release all buttons. Follow the on-screen instructions.


ArcadeNet is a service provided by AtGames for your ALGP which provides a number of features which consist of both free (basic) and paid for (standard) services. For details about the creation of your ArcadeNet account, please see the AtGames ArcadeNet page here (scroll towards the bottom).

In addition to leaderboards, ArcadeNet also lets you stream games from a virtual server in the cloud to your machine. There is no need to install anything. For the best results, you’ll want to connect an Ethernet cable to the Legends Gamer Console instead of WiFi. While both will work, you’ll get much better performance with an Ethernet cable attached. When you play a multi-player game from the Lobby, you’re accessing a remote server to play your opponent.

3rd Party Expansion

This section will discuss 3rd Party expansion options that you may be interested in trying.


The following are some accessories that you may find interesting or to enhance your experience with the ALGP:


This section will provide answers to common issues.

  • Gamer Pro won’t connect, any recommendations? Try unplugging power to the Core and turn off the control panel for about 15 seconds. Then, power it all back on and follow these steps. Should get you going.
  • I’m experiencing severe latency (lag) from the time I press a button on the arcade controller and the on-screen interaction. How can I fix this? If your TV/Monitor has a Game Mode, enable this option. Also, connect the Gamer Pro to the core directly using the USB cable to rule out the wireless connection/interference. To turn off the Bluetooth connection to the core, press and hold the P2 button until the blue LEDs turn off. Check to see if this corrects the issue.
  • Rewind Button doesn’t exit CoinOpsX (in Bluetooth mode) – It appears to be an issue with CoinOpsX. To exit, unplug/re-connect the Legends Gamer Console. Hopefully an application update will correct this issue. Using a wired controller doesn’t experience this issue. Additionally, if you go into Controller Settings and re-map the buttons and save your configuration, the next time you attempt to exit CoinOpsX with the Rewind button, it will exit fine.
  • Can’t navigate up/down in CoinOpsX while in Portrait Mode – This issue has been corrected with the most recent CoinOpsX Update.

If the above Troubleshooting information did not help resolve the issue, you can also contact AtGames for assistance by clicking the image below.

Quick Tips

More tips are coming, this is just a start. If you have your own, please share them by adding a comment in any of my AtGames YouTube videos.

  • How to Pause a Game – A quick and easy way to pause a game is to simply press the AtGames/Menu button. Just press it again to resume.
  • Firmware Updates – AtGames now releases new firmware updates when many issues have been fixed or new features have been implemented. It’s a good idea to download the updates. They often include new features, fixes and overall improvements to the system.
  • Can I add More Games? – Yes you can! If you want to play thousands of classic Arcade Games (in addition to the included 150 games) check out the CoinOpsX guide here. It will step you through how to partition your USB drive, copy the files and run the AddOnX tool. Once done, several thousand games can be easily played and you only need a USB drive (128GB or larger recommended).

Change Log

  • 2023-01-26 – Minor corrections.
  • 2022-09-15 – Added the new Legends Gaming guide to replace duplicated sections in this guide.
  • 2022-07-05 – Update broken links.
  • 2022-06-11 – Updated Resources with CS information.
  • 2022-06-02 – Updated News heading; added Community Wiki in the Resources section.
  • 2022-04-09 – 2022-04-15 – Start to this guide / review.