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Last Update: 4/16/2022

AtGames Legends Core MAX Review & Guide
Legends Core Max

The Legends Core Max (LCM), has a similar form-factor as the Legends Core but about 1/3 larger. The light ring around the device is purple, rather than green. It includes the same number of games (100) as that of the Legends Core. Where the LCM differs is in the CPU (or Central Processing Unit) or the “brains” of the device. The LCM includes the same processing power as the higher-end AtGames Legends Pinball machine (RK3399 chipset, see Specifications for details).

What this means, is that you’ll experience the same fluid game-play and table compatibility that you would expect from the Legends Pinball on the Legends Core Max while playing Pinball tables. However, there is only one HDMI port. So, for those expecting to have a playfield and backglass available using this device, this isn’t currently possible. You will certainly be able to play pinball tables using a single main-playfield for the table and rotate the display in either horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) mode, however only the one display will be available to you with this device.

Due to the greater processing power that the Legends Core Max provides, you will have a smoother and better game-play experience than you might expect from the AtGames Legends Core, Legends Ultimate or Ultimate Mini. The LCM also provides a rather interesting feature called APL or Arcade Play Link. I’ll discuss more about APL below, just know that it provides a method of connecting the LCM to the HDMI port of your Legends product simply by attaching the HDMI cable.

As you might expect with the increased processing power of the Legends Core Max, you should be able to play more powerful Arcade and Console games as a result. This will be explored in the future once the community has had an opportunity to bring additional consoles to the platform. The LCM should be able to play PS1 without issue and many Dreamcast and PSP games as well. However, that remains to be seen – at present.


The following are the specifications and features of the AtGames Legends Core Max:

Dual-core Cortex-A72 up to 1.8GHz
Quad-core Cortex-A53 up to 1.4GHz
GPUMali-T860 GPU
TV CompatibilityUp to 1080p (1920 x 1080) with up-scaling from 720p
PortsHDMI (x1), Micro USB (x1 for power), USB 3.0 (x1)
Power Input5V 3A
Networking802.11 AC/ABGN
PinballPlay TAITO, Zaccaria, and Gottlieb pinball tables on big-screen displays at 1080p/60fps
Games100 Licensed Arcade and Console Games
Controllers Pairs with Legends Gamer Pro/Mini controller, Legends GamePad™, and other compatible controllers


The following are a collection of resources that may be helpful to you :

AtGames News Updates

For the latest AtGames News, visit the AtGames News Updates page.

Purchase Locations

The AtGames Legends Core Max may be found at the following locations:


*NOTE – During my testing of the LCM, I did experience some latency when using the Legends GamePad. This issue was reported and will hopefully be resolved prior to shipment of retail units.

The following are some accessories that you may find interesting or to enhance your experience with the Core Max. Each I’ve personally tried and added a few notes should you consider the same.

  • LoveRPi MicroUSB Push On Off Power Switch – If you wish your Core Max included an On/Off switch, this is a great solution for you. Install it between the Core Max and the microUSB connector to your power cable and instantly have an on-off switch!
  • Samsung MUF-256AB/AM FIT Plus 256GB – USB 3.1 Flash Drive for adding additional applications (CoinOpsX, Pinball Tables, etc.). I anticipate there will be more higher-end emulators available in the coming weeks/months. While you can use a smaller capacity drive, might be ideal to consider this USB stick.
  • Legends GamePad – The advantage to using this controller is that you have the ability to update the firmware which will provide rumble/haptic feedback while play the Zaccaria/TAITO pinball tables. More information about this update may be found here.
  • 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Controller Wireless Gamepad – This Bluetooth controller connected easily to the LCM. For pairing instructions, see the manual. After pairing, the L button is the back button while in-menu. The Select button will bring up the menu wile in-game. While navigating the tabs, the L/R button can be used to page through the tabs.
  • Rii RK707 (Keyboard + Controller) – Connected the included USB dongle to this controller+keyboard combo and was impressed that no button mapping was required. The button between the Turbo+Clear button will allow accessing the menu in-game. The d-pad and left stick work fine for navigating menus or playing a game, as well as the A/B/X/Y buttons. The only issue that I ran into is that by pressing down on the left stick, it would rewind the game. Just a minor thing worth noting, otherwise a very pleased with it.
  • Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub – If you want to expand the number of USB ports available, this hub worked out well with the Rii Keyboard+controller and CoinOpsX.

Game Play

There are 100 included arcade and console games which ship with the Legends Core Max. These games include many popular titles such as: Bad Dudes, Burger Time, Elevator Action, Space Invaders, Tetris and many others. It is a nice selection of games, though not as many games are available compared to the ALU. You will also find that navigating the menus, settings and CoinOpsX will be more responsive to that of other non-Legends Pinball devices.

As mentioned, the LCM has a more powerful CPU. As a result, it’s quite capable of playing all of the available Zaccaria and TAITO pinball tables at 1080p/60fps. This includes the more demanding Zaccaria Deluxe tables. However, in terms of Arcade and Console games, there are no games included with the LCM that take advantage of this more powerful CPU. This is likely going to change very soon as the community jumps in and begins to implement packages which should allow playing PS1, Dreamcast, Saturn and PSP games. At this point, we’ll have to wait and see. The CPU is certainly capable of emulating these systems and many games should become playable as a result.

Upload High Scores

Many of the included games support the ability to upload your high-score to the on-line leaderboards. Here’s how:

  • Once your game is finished, click the AtGames/Menu button and select Save High Score.
  • You’ll then see the results of your game with your score highlighted, press A to Proceed.
  • Use the Joystick to enter your initials (left/right and up/down).
  • Press A to submit your score. When you exit the game, your score will be uploaded to the AtGames servers.
  • That’s it!


APL Stands for Arcade Play Link. Essentially, what this technology allows is for you to simply connect an HDMI cable from your Legends Core Max to the HDMI input to your Legends Ultimate or Legends Ultimate Mini and experience the faster processor provided on the Legends Core Max on those machines. You can use the power adapter provided with your LCM or an available USB port on the ALU/ALUM. Keep in mind, it doesn’t use OTG at all and a USB connection to the target machine is irrelevant.

One thing to note, with APL, the Legends Core Max remains a completely separate device. That is, the games that you have installed on the ALU or ALUM won’t be visible on the LCM when connected. Any pinball tables you’ve purchased will need to be installed on the LCM to show up on the connected device.

It would be nice if all the licensed arcade games from the ALU or ALUM would be visible on the LCM, however the games licensed on those machines remain physically on the machine. Using a formatted USB drive plugged in to the LCM and connect to the ALU or ALUM will allow you to experience all the games available within CoinOpsX in a more fluid and overall better gaming experience.

The LCM is an APL device to provide enhanced processing power to other AtGames products. You can learn more about other available APL-enabled AtGames products such as: The Legends Ultimate (ALU) and Legends Ultimate Mini (ALUM).


Horizontal CoinOpsX Guide
Vertical CoinOpsX Guide

CoinOpsX allows you to play those classic Arcade Games that may not be available from AtGames. For a full guide on how to setup CoinOpsX, visit the AtGames CoinOpsX Guide.

Guide: Detailed CoinOps X guide

If you’re looking for the AtGames CoinOpsX Guide (saUCEy Edition) (Horizontal/Landscape), please see the guide here.


For an explanation of each of the options that are available in the Settings tab, please see the Settings Guide.


Mastering the basic operation on the Legends Core Max isn’t difficult. Though, when you’re first getting started knowing how to navigate the UI may be a little challenging. Below we’ll cover some basics to get you going.

  • Navigating the Menus – Use the left joystick or d-pad to move up/down/left right to select the tiles or the menu/tabs at the top. You will typically press A to select an option or B to go back. However, check the bottom of each screen as it will provide more tips on other options/buttons that are available.
  • Favorites List – You can create a favorites list of all your favorite games using the following:
    • Select the game from the list and press A (don’t launch it, just browse to the game menu).
    • Then press the C button to toggle the Favorite selection.
    • Press B to go back to the Game selection.
    • Press the AtGames/home button.
    • Using the left stick or d-pad move down into to the Favorites option and press the A button.
    • Now you’ll only see your favorite games (if nothing is there, you didn’t add a game to the Favorites list).
  • Return to All Games (from Favorites) – To return to seeing All Games:
    • Highlight one of the games in the list.
    • Press the AtGames/Menu button.
    • Select All Games and press A.
    • Now you should see All Games.
  • Filtering Game List – Using the same technique shown above for Return to All Games, you can also filter by other categories: All Games, Featured, Favorites, Leaderboard, Recent, Channels (Atari, Data East, Disney, etc.), Platforms (Arcade, Atari 2600, Genesis, etc.)
  • Updating the Firmware – Login using your ArcadeNet account first, then: On the top tab bar, go to Settings → Version (x.y.z) and press the A button. If no update exists, press the B Button to exit. Otherwise, select the Download option. Once complete, select the Update option (this may take ~10+ min. to apply the firmware update). The machine will restart and display the status on the display while updating, then it will reboot once more when the firmware update has completed.

Setup Flash Drive X

Flash Drive X is an application which may be found on the device in the Settings menu. You’ll use this to prepare a new USB stick for use on your device. If you don’t already have a USB drive, one I recommend may be found here. After formatting and mounting the drive, you may then install your purchased pinball tables, install additional applications (i.e. CoinOpsX, etc.) and more. Formatting using Flash Drive X only needs to be done once, then mount the drive.

Here’s how:

  • Insert the USB drive into the USB 3.0 port on your Legends Core Max (there is only one USB port).
  • Watch the upper-right of the main display and make sure the USB stick is a solid image (not flashing).
  • Navigate to the Settings tab (top of the screen) and locate/launch the Flash Drive X tile.
  • Once loaded, you’ll want to select the Format button (all data on the USB drive will be erased).
  • After selecting Format, select Yes.
  • When done, click on Dismiss.
  • Now click the Mount button to activate the USB drive on the arcade platform.
  • Click Yes to mount.
  • When done, click on Dismiss.
  • Press B to back out of Flash Drive X.
  • Your USB drive is now ready to allow installation of additional applications, pinball tables, etc.

How to Redeem a Code

Redeeming a code on the machine is very easy. Below are some basic instructions to demonstrate:

  • Using the stick or d-pad, navigate to the Settings tab.
  • Move down and to the right until you see My Digital Locker.
  • On the left, you’ll see New Codes and Redeemed Codes, select New Codes and Press the A button.
  • Select the code you wish to redeem and press the A button.
  • Your code has been redeemed!

How to Install Applications

The following will provide the basic steps to install a pinball volume or application. If you have already used Flash Drive X to prepare your USB drive, continue below. If not, please see here.

  • Navigate to the AppStoreX tab at the top.
  • Select the Volume or application you wish to install.
  • Press A to select.
  • Move the joystick to the Install button and Press A. The volume or application will be downloaded and installed.
  • Press A on the Close button.
  • Press B to return to AppStoreX.

How to Uninstall Applications

If you wish to uninstall a volume or application, below are the steps to do so.

  • Navigate to the AppStoreX tab at the top.
  • Select the Volume or application you wish to un-install.
  • Press A to select.
  • Select the Uninstall button and Press A. The application will then be uninstalled.
  • Press A on Exit to return to AppStoreX.


ArcadeNet is a service provided by AtGames for your device which provides a number of features which consist of both free (basic) and paid for (standard) services. For details about the creation of your ArcadeNet account, please see the AtGames ArcadeNet page here (scroll towards the bottom).

In addition to leaderboards, ArcadeNet also lets you stream games from a virtual server in the cloud to your machine. There is no need to install anything. For the best results, you’ll want to connect an Ethernet cable to the Legends Core instead of WiFi. While both will work, you’ll get much better performance with an Ethernet cable attached. When you play a multi-player game from the Lobby, you’re accessing a remote server to play your opponent.

Quick Tips

More tips are coming, this is just a start. If you have your own, please share them by adding a comment in any of my AtGames YouTube videos.

  • How to Pause a Game – A quick and easy way to pause a game is to simply press the AtGames/Menu button. Just press it again to resume.
  • Firmware Updates – AtGames typically releases new firmware the 3rd Thursday of each month. It’s a good idea to download the updates periodically. They often include new features, fixes and overall improvements to the system.
  • Can I add More Games? – Yes you can! If you want to play thousands of classic Arcade Games (in addition to the included 100 games) check out the CoinOpsX guide here. It will step you through how to partition your USB drive, copy the files and run the AddOnX tool. Once done, several thousand games can be easily played and you only need a USB drive (128GB or larger recommended).


No troubleshooting information available at this time. As questions arise and solutions are found, more information will be added here.

Change Log

  • 2022-04-16 – Updated News heading.
  • 2022-04-05 – Added AtGames support graphic and link.
  • 2022-04-01 – Review video added.
  • 2022-03-31 – Continuation; preparation for public release of this guide.
  • 2022-02-15 – Start to this guide.